Wallet Problem with different addresses

Hello to all. At first thank you very much in advance.
I would like to ask you something about my wallet. After updating the program several times, and importing the wallet using the same memo words, the program has changed the Receive Address. So I realised that now it´s changed several times but can´t see the full amount of chia in the sync program.
Now I already have updated again the program and the address has already been changed and the amount moved to another address but the program should be showing a different amount.
Could someone have a look and explain me how it works?
Many thanks again.
This was my first address where I received my first transactions.


You can have many “receive addresses” for your wallet. The amount should be the same after the sync. I suppose you don’t see some transactions before the full sync of your wallet. (Syncing the node and syncing the wallet are separate things.)

I realised that after installing the program again, the receive address was changed. So I can see into the XCH scan that the XCH were moved to different wallets. It happened a month ago and the amount shown by the program was 0.00000003 XCH and after that I have received another transaction.
So yesterday I installed the new version and created a pool and then I can see again how the XCH have been moved to another address but the amount of 0.10261695 XCH is showing correctly.
I´m thinking that the withdraw of a month ago was stolen. Could you see the image?
The actual amount shown by the program is 0,102616980099 XCH

Thank you very much for your help