Wallet security on farming machines

The Chia wiki has a “good security practices” section which states:

Your reward address for chia rewards should be a separate key as well, kept in an offline machine. You can generate an address on a different computer, and put this address in the config.yaml (farmer.xch_target_address and pool.xch_target_address), so if your farming machine gets hacked, you don’t lose past rewards.

I want to do this but those entries weren’t in my config.yaml. Currently the wallet private keys are easily accessible from the running machine.
Anyone know more about how to do this?
Many thanks.


Oh wild. So if any of your farming machines get hacked, you are at risk of this happening? As the value of Chia increases this becomes quite important!

Actually, I’ve just noticed a Chia Keys Management link in that post that I missed. It tells you how to edit the config file using xch_target_address. I assume the details in the first post I linked to is for an old version or something. xch_target_address is definitely in the config file (one for farmer, one for pool).

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