Wallet sync time impacting scalability?

It seems as though even syncing the wallet takes a long time right now, and each time you take it offline it will need to sync up again to the latest version.

Was wondering if this would negatively impact greater adoption from non-farmers who do not have their wallet connected 24/7. Doesn’t this mean that for someone to receive/send money every now and then they’ll have to first spend a very long time syncing up their wallet first?

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Do you mean the blockchain when you say “wallet”?

Yes - that’s right. But specifically on the wallet’s blockchain (under the folder Mainnet → Wallet) which by itself is already close to 2GB and still growing

Seems like anyone who wants to send/receive money have to keep this “blockchain_wallet…” file updated too?

you should be able to sync it from your full node

I struggled 5 days to get my full node to sync. Lot of connected peers but I stayed 0.5 - 2 hours behind, Tried everything: reinstalls, deleting peers db, etc. Then saw a tip in Github to disable wallet: “chia stop wallet-only”. Have been synced since.

I know this could be a coincidence. But I’m not touching anything now. I can’t use my wallet, but at least I can farm.

Yes, and that is my question and concern.

Does this mean that anyone who wants to use XCH for payment or withdrawal will run into such issues syncing their Wallet? Doesn’t this limit its use by non-farmers who are not always connected to the nodes and just want to use it now and then for transfers?

Or is there a method to just sync your wallet to the latest block to get an update on how much XCH they have and use it for transfers?

Potentially yes, I’ve had syncing issues too, the easiest fix has been restarting wallet, node, farmer all in succession. I suspect its the wallet restart that fixes it temporarily. So running a node with the wallet off may fix my issue too.
But if people do that, when they run wallet again, it should sync automatically if your node is synced. Then after a while it will probably de sync.