Wallet Synced but Wrong!?!

This is new (at least to me):
Wallet with a full client synced, but showing 0 XCH, while separate Light Wallet (Beta) shows some mojo’s, as it should.

I’m running two VM’s with chia full-node and chia light wallet installed.
Same mnemonics/fingerprint, so you would expect for both wallets to be exactly the same…
Both in GUI and CLI however there is a difference. The ligt wallet is correct, at least from my memory what it should be.

Am I missing something obvious, idea’s anyone?

Oh, and the blockchain on the full-node is also synced. Can it be synced AND erratic, causing the full-node wallet to be off?

I’m only guessing here, and I appreciate your running vm’s.
But being as the instructions I believe clearly says not to do that, why would you?

I’m assuming both vms are on the same machine.

What problem do you see with that? Both VMs should have separate IPs, so to chia those are like two physically different boxes.

I’ve not read the guidelines for use, but I’ve seen it stated a light wallet should not be installed on a farmer box.

I dont know enough about vm’s to know what’s what, so my personal approach would be to follow the guidelines.

Hence the VM’s. I like to play with these things but not on my main machine.
No difference between two VM’s with bridged (separate) IP’s and two separate bare metal machines I think.
If it’s a no no to have both on the same public IP I would expect one or both to throw errors and certainly not confirm statuses as synced.
I was hoping that SYNCED in GUI or CLI would also guarantee CORRECT but now I doubt it…

I’d tend to agree, makes logical sense.

Lots of ppl have reported gui showing synced when it’s not so, I can’t even guess at why though.

This is where outbound / inbound peers matter. For any outbound peer, it should not differ whether it is one or more installations on that external IP. It only matter for those peers that are inbound, as your router cannot tell the difference which box to use. That also means, that assuming that you have inbound peers, if router is pushing everything just to one box, the other box will rather not have any errors, it would just think that nothing is going on (e.g., will / may not sync).

Yeah, in UI, I am watching peers, whether they change Up/Down counters, and eventually how far my height is from the highest in those peers. It may be that that top field is not always updated properly. Also, checking processed blocks says more than potentially that field.

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I just rely on farmr now.
It shows my latest block on wallet and farmer and latest block on an explorer, so long as they’re super close ( like within a 1 difference ) I don’t worry.

For the GUI I can understand (but no appreciate) this sometimes happening because the GUI is a separate application interfacing by RPC to the farmer and wallet processes. In this interfacing something can go haywire…

But calling the wallet processes from CLI that layer of possible confusion should be out of the equation.

I’ll delete that wallets keys and wallet db and then import from mnemonics and let it sync from scratch.
Will take some time but hopefully the wallet contents will match between full node and light wallet again.

My learning from this is there is no guarantee (even form CLI chia show wallet) that a synced wallet is a correct wallet.

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I reported this as a bug, but apparently it’s a feature

If you send chia to an address generated by the light wallet you will NOT be able to see it in the regular wallet.


Great feature, lmfao!

I think it’s very bad that they created this situation, and that they know about it but don’t document this behaviour. It’s irresponsible.

I means you can no longer trust the balance of the official wallet.

Just because you’ve also used the light wallet (beta) in the past.
“We will fix it in the future” is not good enough.

I think there should never have been created a situation in the first place that you cannot trust the balance of the most current official wallet.


It would be magnificent if all new things were created great, but thats just not how things work.
Things are created, have issues, issues fixed, creates other issues, and so on and so forth.
Progression is more important to me!
Chia have 21m coins, they want this to succeed.
It can be tough going through growth, but thats the only way things will improve.

Hi Hendrik,
Brilliant, and indeed I shuffled some mojo’s around between addresses from the light wallet.
Thanks for clearing this up. (well, chia team will have to, but you know what I mean;-)
At least I can stop breaking my head on this :thinking: