Wallet syncing forever

Chia 1.2.9 on Windows 10.

The full node synced and has stayed that way without issue. However, the wallet has been “syncing” for probably two weeks or more. It is painfully slow and often appears to do nothing except grind the CPU.

Two days ago it was at 791K and it’s still there. Ten days ago, it was at 653K.

What should I do? Delete the wallet db files and start over?

Is there a way in Windows to run only the wallet? Or can I switch it off and run the wallet elsewhere?

It’s still stuck at 791K. No progress for three days. I’m going to try deleting the db files.

On the Wallets page try deleting “unconfirmed transactions” - upper right corner.

If that doesn’t help, stop Chia, and remove your wallet db. If you are not sure whether you fully stopped Chia, reboot.

Wallet db is most likely syncing with the full node / your local blockchain db only, so rebuilding it should be fast (minutes ?).