Wallet transaction show incoming but balance doesn't show the balance of the incoming

my wallet show incoming 1.73999999999 and 0.000199999998 and 0.00013999999988
however, all this balance is not on my wallet balance anyone face this issue before?

congrats on that block @ 392522.

however, the balance of the wallet doesn’t show I am have that amount of xch

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I have the exact same issue. Got Incoming balance, but the wallet doesnt reflect it. Tried a faucet and the balance came after a couple of minutes.

Anyone else except me and @MarcMing experienced this? I still have that balance under my history.

Have you tried the explorer to check if it’s actually still at that address?

For me, yes. It’s still at that address. But still nothing in my wallet.

Well I’m not sure exactly how chia wallet works.
But at least it seems your xch is safe and unspent.

It doesnt make much sense if faucet coins appear but not those, I’m at a bit if a loss here as to why that would happen.