Want to make some money with your Chia?


I am thinking to launch wrapped chia on ETH (ERC20). So chia could be sold on other exchanges not only OKX.
That’s not easy to make but I’m capable to do it.

What I need is an investor who is ready to arbitrage between OKX and Binance for example. So people don’t afraid to wrap their chias and sell on Binance. The profit will be around 4-6% monthly, by buying and selling chia and wrapped chia in both exchanges. I think the limit of market making here is around $600k a day. I want to start with one investor and grow the pool later.

If you are interested in such a project drop me an email at sgluhov@gmail.com

I am SoCal and can explain the project in detail.

Wrapped xch akready exists on eth…
Least it was planned a year ago, iirc they completed the bridge.

not much going on…

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Id looked there, but cmc wont enable api till certain daily trade levels sre made and other things are achieved.

So its entirely possible WXCH exists but just isnt well used.

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