WARNING: It seems choosing a non-default "CHIA_ROOT" leads to no plotter logs being made

Just putting this here so no one else gets burned by this.

I setup my Chia environment so that it would be stored in a single folder (both the git repository & any data that program needed.) This led to me setting export CHIA_ROOT=/home/chia/chia-blockchain/data and then running chia init.

I’m now feeling burned because none of my previous plots seem to have been left logs where people are mentioning it should be.

Here’s what my directory structure looks like - notice the missing plotter/ directory.

Feeling burned because I wanted to parse those logs and see how long everything was taking :frowning:

EDIT: Seems I’m mistaken! On Linux, you’re responsible for capturing the log :upside_down_face: Wish I knew that sooner!

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