WARNING Looking up qualities

2021-07-23T23:33:22.964 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: WARNING Looking up qualities on \PC1\chia-p1-3\plot-k32-2021-07-23-19-38-…plot took: 12.529354095458984. This should be below 5 seconds to minimize risk of losing rewards.

Am i in trouble?

Yes if you are not plotting but only farming on that machine, you have a problem. But if you are plotting on the same machine, this occurs especially when the plotter writes to the final driver (hard drive) and its not a problem as far as you did not have the chance to farm a block (to win a reward) just at the time of writing the final plot file.

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I see. I should not use full_node machine for plotting. Ok.
So, this warning does it necessarily mean i will fail on reward winning if it’ll take more than 5 secs?

Exactly yes. You will miss a reward if it takes more than 5 seconds.

oh mine … doesnt look like fair proof of space.


Just got another warning, looks like it happens over local net only. looks like sharing folders with plots over local net isn’t good enough strategy?

You can certainly have a full node with plotting while farming, but checking plots over a network may be problematic depending if it (network or machine or NAS ) is not fast enough to respond in time.

what is the better practice instead? i got advice to setup my folders by sharing over local net exactly here on this forum :slight_smile:

I thought the actual time for a full block solution to be found and awarded is 30 seconds. So above 5 seconds might mean you get passed over for a full solution perhaps? This needs to be clarified as it is either strictly 5 seconds, or it is 30 seconds?

I can’t agree more. We need to hear it out from devs. It’s never been proclaimed that PoS requires 5 seconds limitation. Afterall we suddenly figure that our hardware isnt good enough? Smells like scam.

Why does every say “scam” for ever damn thing.

  1. Don’t harvest over network mounts, there’s no reason for that. Follow the multi host guide and run a harvester where your plots are.

  2. You have 28 seconds to turn in a full proof. If the quality check takes longer than 5 you /might/ have an issue turning in a full proof of you had to.

If you have a low volume of those errors, you’re probably fine. But I’d still set up the harvesters correctly. Not sure who told you to use file mounts, that’s silly.

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I’m not a dev, nor do I fully understand the entire process, BUT… this doc Chia Network Consensus Explained - Manuals+ (I’m almost sure) tells the story in a very technical way.

In short, to my limited understanding (anyone please feel free to correct anything here), the 30 sec period is necessary to complete a number of steps to determine if your plot is the one to win a reward. So there is a back and forth between your farmer and the greater network infrastructure. You can be eliminated at any point along the way, (and you usually are) but the closer you get to winning, the more is asked of the farmer to “prove” the block in question. So, bottom line, you lose a lot, and win very very seldom. But just like a coin flip, you gotta be in it to win it, and you need time to “prove” yourself, or lose everything… the 1st 5 sec threshold just gets you started on a ‘timely’ path to the final proof.

I asked for that exactly some time ago and been told to harvest over local net. I would love to go proper way. Can you give the link to the tuttorial or something how to achive this.

Because many of us not that rich maybe?

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Thank you very much. Is there a bit clearer manual specifically for windows OS?

First, make sure Chia is installed on all machines and initialized by running the CLI chia init.

What does it mean, i have to install chia software on another harvestar’s machine but shouldn’t start it’s GUI?

Yes, since running two full internet-connected nodes on one network is potentially problematic and starting the GUI executes start_full_node.exe then you should not run the GUI on the harvester-only machine.

It would be awesome if when loading the GUI you could check boxes to load full node, harvester etc. or specify when loading whether you want the machine to be a full system, or just a harvester or just a plotter.

That’s what i suggested here some time ago, topic was something like “GUI isnt reach enough” :slight_smile:

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I should not run it even once just to login into my wallet?

That’s one capital idea! Why it wasn’t done in the 1st place is a wonder. That would have solved so many frustrations that so many have experienced over the last months. In fact, a bucket of tears. As things tend to work, I’m nearly 100% positive that simple idea will never, ever come to fruition.