"WARNING Not farming any plots on this harvester. Check your configuration." - Converting Main Node into a Harvester only

I’ve recently built a secondary machine to serve as a central Main Node & Farmer and I’ve been trying to convert my first Chia machine into a Harvester-only set up. I’ve followed the wiki steps and this video and I am ALMOST there. But the Harvester won’t recognize these plots when the Farmer calls.

  1. chia plots show on the Harvester machine returns the correct paths to the plots

  2. chia plots check lists all 45 plots as being valid and the correct size

  3. The log on the Farmer Machine shows the proper signage points but ultimately says there are Total 0 plots

  4. On startup, the log from the Harvester lists all 45 plots with the warning about the keys not being in the Farmer’s pk list and then says:

     2021-05-09T21:25:14.272 harvester chia.plotting.plot_tools: INFO     Loaded a total of 0 plots of size 0.0 TiB, in 0.1541306972503662 seconds
     2021-05-09T21:25:14.273 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: WARNING  Not farming any plots on this harvester. Check your configuration.

I’ve tried removing and re-adding the plot directories and that didn’t work. Searching on github hasn’t turned anything up. Anything else I can try to get this setup to work as described in the wiki?

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