WARNING Rate limiting ourselves chia version 1.6.0 big problems HELP!

There has to be a problem with my Chia node after upgrade to 1.6.0. I am not part of a pool. I have 5060 plots. in Aug i won 14 chia. in Sept / Oct a big 0. I was running 3 farmer on the same key. everything looked ok I was winning chia. After the upgrade 0 wins. So I made one framer and 2 boxes harvesters.

This has been running in the config for about 2.5 weeks with no wins. Now I start getting this waring in the log files.
full_node full_node_server : WARNING Rate limiting ourselves. message type: respond_transaction, peer:

I am running 3 pc on Ubuntu 22.04.1. I have reboot the all the Chia boxes. I have been running chia from Apr 2021 and win some chia about every month and now nothing from Sept 7, 2022. I think it something to do with version 1.6.0 but I can not see a the problem.

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Sorry I have no answers, I run all my nodes on windows 10 and have gotten some wins since I upgraded to 1.6.0


Also running Ubuntu 22.04.something, Chia 1.6.0, and that has pretty much been my only error in my log all week as well. I solo, with a couple NFT plots (submitting partials just fine) to monitor my setup - all seems well (no solo hits though, tiny farm).

Sorry, no answer here, just another data point if it helps.


@airtac What is your estimated time to win?

It looks like you were beating the odds in August. 14 XCH in 30 days with 5060 (K32?) plots seems like some good fortune came your way in August, and now you are hitting a dry spell.

By the way, I installed 1.6.0 two or three weeks after it was released.
I have gotten, and continue to get, those same rate limiting messages in my log, and I have been winning XCH close to my estimated time to win. Sometimes faster than usual, and sometimes 3x longer than usual.

What is your estimated time to win?


Exactly the same for me with flexfarmer. There’s nothing wrong with your node. It’s just luck and changing difficulty…

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I have a little over 3000 plots, with 1k on space pool, 1k on hpool and 1k solo and actually have won blocks on all three since 1.6.0 came out.

Not saying that to gloat, just to add a data point from another farmer.

You didn’t mention it, but I would ensure something hasn’t changed that would slow your response times to challenges. And I also see those error messages in the log pretty frequently.


i just kick off such node

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There all K32 plots and my estimated time to win is 10 days.

Yes 14 XCH in 30 days was big win. I was wining xch about every 10 to 15 so that was great.

But now been nothing from Sept 7 to now. Maybe just a running of bad luck???


Very likely just bad luck but I would probably join a pool for 24-48 hrs just to ensure you are submitting valid partials

It’s a pretty easy way to check overall setup

EDIT - Just checked my logs & I have the same warning - farm running fine as far as I can tell (last won 3 days ago)

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Did anybody on keybase talk about these rate Limits, I checked and have small amounts also here and there.

No win after upgrading to 1.6.0 nearly two months. Ewt is 17 days!!
So I decided to go back to 1.4.0!!

Did 1.4.0 have database v2 cant remember, past two weeks for me…

Yes it does, as 1.3.3 was v2

Yes sure database is v2. You can install 1.4.0 over 1.6.0 without doing uninstall. Only fingerprint file is absent in 1.4.0
I will let you know when I win.

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My Estimated Time to Win is 10 Days with 5060 plots. I just won a on Oct 27. The last win was Sept 7. I just hope this was a just run of bad luck. To state again from Aug 4 to Sept 7 I have won 8 times. I was thinking I was getting very lucky. The only thing I change was upgrade 1.6.0. When I did not win anything in a month. I did combine my 3 farmer all on the same key, to one farmer and 2 harvester (remote).

It just hard to see if everything is working. We will see if i win something in the next 2 weeks.


this is those waves i’ve been talking about

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