Water Panther 12TB drive

I needed to replace a failing LaCie drive (unrelated to Chia). So I purchased this renewed 12TB drive:

After tax + free shipping, the final cost was $138.60 (or, $11.55 per TB).

The label does not reveal the model of the drive:

CrystalDiskInfo offers up:
OOS12000G, which, upon searching on-line, did not help.

Anyone have more info or can hazard a guess as to what the drive actually is?

By the way, they did an outstanding packing job.
It shipped from Florida (floods, etc), and they even wrapped the box in a fairly strong plastic bag.

To me they look like a white labeling company and others seam to think so too.

This one specifically looks like the white label Seagate Barracuda Pros I got from Parallel Miner (same model #} but with a fancy label.

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I never owned a Seagate Barracuda Pro.

Are they good?
Are they comparable to IronWolf drives or Exos drives?

While regular Barracudas are your regular PC HDDs the Pros are a step up with 24/7 operation rating, 5y original warranty, and MTBF of 1,000,000 hours. So looking at specs they appear to be targeting business workstations. Seams like they are slightly less noisy than my Exos X16 HDDs.