Water Panther Arsanel 16 TB refurbised: $169.99

If you are comfortable with refurbished drives, this comes out to $10.62 per TB:

I have ordered from their site before, and purchased from their refurbished “Expanse” line of drives (ended up being Seagate Exos drives), and they work great.

I just placed an order for these Arsenal drives, due to their attractive price and the seller’s first rate service, so far, and I thought I would share the offer with this forum.

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30 day money back and 2 year limited warranty, pretty good. I’ll be looking here when it comes time to buy more. Thanks for the link.

Their prices change, often.
For example, I placed my order last night, when their price was $169.99.
I just checked, and they raised their price to $179.99.

It looks like when they get new inventory (assuming a large shipment?), that they start off with their lowest price offering, and the price goes up as their inventory lessens. This is just my observation. I have no info from their staff to confirm.

Also note that they usually seem to have more variety in their “Expanse” line of drives.

I have been checking their site for several weeks, and this is the first time that I have seen an attractive price in their Arsenal line of drives.

Their refurbished (or renewed) line of drives always seem to be reasonably priced. But once in a while they offer some deals that are better than their typical pricing.

Another option is the Factory Recertified Seagate Exos X16 drives from Server Parts Deals. They don’t charge any sales tax in many states, so the net price may be the same or less depending on your location. I have bought several of these. They were well-packaged, shipped 2-day FedEx, and have been working fine for 5 months.


I think the folks on Reddit have determined that Server Parts Deals and the Amazon seller of the WP Arsenal drives may actually be the same company. But with Server Parts Deals you know exactly what drive model you are getting. Also, if they really are factory recertified, they might be better than seller refurbished (??). I really don’t know what exactly any of these terms mean.


They charge me tax trust me…

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Good prices for non-bulk drives. You usually cannot get them at this price unless you buy 50-100 MOQ.

Man, why you gotta tell everyone about serverpartdeals?

My 16 TB Water Panther, refurbished Arsenal drives got delivered today.

Here is the CrystalDiskInfo for one of them: