WD Green / Seagate Nighthawk for Chia Farming

Is using WD Green / Seagate Nighthawk for Chia Farming is worth it ?, and will that HDD can have good lifetime ?

Whatever you can get at this point. It’s not about the speed assuming these are your destination / farming drives. Most are shucking from externals and taking those drives to reduce costs.

Of the two choices, the Seagate has a 3 year warranty vs. the WD’s 2 year. The WD Green also has slower seek times, so for farming I want better seek times.

Seagate better of the two choices (assuming you mean Skyhawk, not Nighthawk)


Yes… Skyhawk… In my location refurbished version is very cheap… I was ordered 2 dozens of 4tb

Is refurbished HDD is a good idea ?

I am using two refurbished 14gb drives and am very happy with them so far (of course, it’s only been a week, so…)

If you are using Windows you might want to run CrystalDiskInfo on them to see what kind of shape they are in - I have found it very useful (you can also use it to see how chewed up you nvme plotting drives are).