Weird Uneven Reward Payouts on Spacepool

Does anyone notice that there are days where you make almost nothing? Checking the top farmers you’ll see massive differences between daily payouts despite them being large. I pool to get a steady reward yet some days I get almost nothing.

Example 2


Mine have been fairly steady. With 18 pib, I would almost guess that would be a maintenance issue with that big of variation.

Now that I say that. My computer has been running for a week or so. Before I shut it down and did a little maintenance, I was only giving about 8-10 partial an hour. Now I’m between 15-20. Very interesting what a shut down and little maintenance will do.


what do yo umean by maintainence ? chia related or something else ?


Check your partials, are all invalid in Example3.


Nevertheless, rewards are also based in pool lucky, better lucky more rewards, less lucky less rewards.

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What Nitsuga said. Your farm is not functioning correctly. A reboot might fix it, otherwise you should look into your hardware and software configuration.

18Pb and one harvester, not sure how only one harvester could keep up. I would add more harvesters so at least if one goes down the rest are farming.