We're offering $4/plot until XCH transactions launch! BuyChiaPlots.com

Hey Everybody,

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with a trusted moderator of Chia’s Keybase community to offer third-party escrow for our high-grade plotting services!

We accept crypto, USDC and other common forms of payment.

We can also help source hardware and provide limited technical support.

  • Up to 40 TB / day of capacity on our top service tier
  • Streaming progress reports for every order
  • FREE overnight return shipping included to minimize your downtime (for orders under 4 drives)

If you have drives to fill, then we’re ready to get you up and farming fast.

If you’re looking to cloud farm we also offer specialized services to upload plots directly to s3 via Amazon AWS Snowball storage appliances.

Take a look at our website, and fill in our three-question Request For Plot form to receive a response in under 12 hours.

Happy harvesting!