We're pleased to announce our new Chief Marketing Officer, @ayveeaych . Welcome Aboard!


Oh hey, more mention of the mysterious “Circular Drive Initiative”! Still wondering how that kickoff meeting went. Seems more and more unlikely that the initiative will help small farmers, and will only benefit huge, enterprise farms. Makes sense it’d appear in new piece of marketing fluff.

In any case, the recent “protestors” here should rejoice at this news. Perhaps good marketing is all Chia Network needs to bolster its blockchain and recover the price!

Congrats to ayveeaych on the new position. May getting your foot in to “crypto” be a worthwhile step!


I’m excited that they are finally starting a real marketing effort. I’m sure it will take a bit to get it rolling, but I’m really looking forward to what’s coming.


Marketing isn’t Bram’s strong suit so this helps. Frankly speaking, it can only go up from here, so there’s that…

Finally took an important step, it seems that the wait is worth it.

Hopefully as they giet more experience in crypto they will stop writing things like

" Because of this lower energy footprint, Chia is one of the most accessible blockchains that can operate in countries with limited power."

Which IMO is nonsense, you dont need to be securing a network to use it.

haha so you are hoping a marketing specialist will ensure more accurate (factual) statements?
My experience is the other way around.

In any case It seems to me like a great and welcome addition to the team.


Not really but if your going to be relaxed with the truth in your marketing, its probably better ( IMO ) to do it in a way that doesnt let ppl know your either a) clueless b) blatantly lying.
Because both , again, IMO, just turn ppl away.

I don’t understand. Chia releases the new NFT standard, a huge step for the company, and there is nothing. Not one blog post or news article link on the chia site which would be the bare minimum for something like this. Is this Marketing Officer on vacation or something?

Come on!


Just a bit impatient

So it has been almost 4 months since she was brought on the team. I honestly have not seen any significant increase in marketing to the public. Have you? I checked the team page for chia and she is still on there. Are they still building a plan and just haven’t begun execution? Are they planning on starting major marketing after a specific event or point in development? I was kind of excited to see them bring her on and was (naively) expecting some immediate changes.


It’s not something that is going to pay off in a short time like that. It is likely laying out the plan, the key messaging, when to move and how to move. I would expect to see the marketing come in when they have some new features and additions. For example when Bram gets his poker idea released, maybe then we see the marketing push.


Also it seems like a very bad time to be marketing any crypto project given the wider crypto market & conditions in the general economy

Seems like a good idea to be working on the underlying tech & devising a longer term & sustainable marketing strategy rather than a quick pump


There are at least two reasons to hire top level people. The first is discussed here.

However, I would not underestimate the other one. Chia is pushing for an IPO (potentially a good exit for some people working there, for sure for their investors as that may be the only viable exit for them). Therefore, they want to build a “team” that is good from bankers’ point of view, not necessarily from what is needed in short/mid term goals (e.g., stabilizing the code - lack of QA).

At this point Chia looks like a top-heavy company, not really a lean startup further suggesting that those hiring are in preparation for a potential IPO.


if you sell green bullshit, you have no other choice :wink: if you team up with World Bank for official network of ESG…last thing you need is energy inefficient network that reports eco terrorism ROFL

Mine is blue thank you!!! :rofl:

Perhaps their investors are getting nervous…but somehow the price is up … so the last 9 mo of marketing must be working?

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My suspect is that she is not there to blow out tv campains or youtube ads.

I think she is there to decide what to communicate, when to communicate and how to communicate.
… and of course as well when not to communicate.

An image of a company is much more valuable than tv ads I think, so I hope she does a good job at what she does. But we might never know.

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Then Open Source Chia dies :wink:

Once, it gets official…IPO…various real investors kick in…kids with 500TB will be obliterated. Farming will be unprofitable, and whole network will die as Bitchcoin, Retardeum or other clones :wink:

Last think you need is people freely trading without any control ROFL

Somebody asked the question. Is it really decentralized when a company runs Chia?