Western Digital easystore 14TB External USB, new, $199.99 (again)

BestBuy has a deal on this model, again:

That translates to $14.29 per TB.

It is the best price per TB, at any capacity, that I could find.

But I will be waiting to see the Black Friday deals for 16 TB and 18 TB drives.

For those that need storage now, here’s your chance to grab a good deal.

You can add a maximum of 3 units to your shopping cart.
But if you want more, I suspect that after you complete your purchase, you can probably just add 3 more to a new shopping cart, and repeat.

If that will not work, then try again in 24 hours.
Best Buy’s deals usually last several days.



Thanks for posting! I have not seen 16TB go bellow $300 so would not hold my breath for any deals below that even for Black Friday or Cyber Monday both of which are overrated in my opinion, but I hope resellers prove me wrong. $200 is a great deal for 14TB if someone needs more storage. I like these WD Easystore but Elements are slightly better built in my opinion and are a bit shorter. I’m able to read SMART on both running Linux farmer so that’s a big plus.

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I just picked up 15 of these at my local BB. The 3 limit per transaction applies in-store too but the cashier I got did my first 9 as 3 separate transactions after getting ok from the boss. So then I went out and came back in and picked up 6 more and ended up getting the same cashier. He just rolled his eyes and did 2 transactions again. :laughing:

By the way, there were still at least 20 left and there were a few people hovering around them, so the stock still seems pretty good. I might check again tomorrow.

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@dctech @enderTown
I am crossing my fingers at a similar price per TB for 16 TB or 18 TB drives becoming available on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

I hope that I do not regret my decision of holding off on purchasing these attractively priced 14 TB drives.

Well, with any luck, Best Buy will continue the sale of these 14 TB drives into the aforementioned sales days, hopefully making available at least one good pricing option on those days.

I can’t imagine that neither Best Buy, nor any other resellers, will not have some excellent deals next week. It will be interesting.

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Why not hedge your bet? Go ahead and get as many of the 14tb as you can find/afford now while you can and then you have 30 days to return them. BB already does a 30 day price guarantee, so if these drives drop even more, you can get a refund for the difference. OR if better deals come next week, you can exchange them. I’m not opening mine for at least a few weeks to better survey my options. :sunglasses:


You are correct.
But my disposable $$ is currently not up to the job of plunking down a couple of $grand for the 14 TBs. And my time is such that it would be inconvenient to return drives, in the event of similar/better deals on the higher capacity drives becomes available.

I have to take my chances and see what goes on sale next week.