Western Digital Elements 18 TB $314.99

Western Digital Elements 18 TB USB $314.99 ($17.50 per TB). This is the lowest price I have seen in months for a high capacity USB drive.

Offer ends 08/30/2022 (noted on B&H site – and might indicate that the sale price will end elsewhere, too).

Being sold:

  1. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1604997-REG/wd_wdbwlg0180hbk_nesn_wd_elements_desktop_18tb.html

  2. WD Elements Desktop Hard Drive (HDD) 3TB - 18 TB for PC | Western Digital

B&H will not charge for shipping.

Also B&H has a reputation for shipping same day (depending on the time of day you place your order), or early the next day.

I have no information on whether or not Western Digital will charge for shipping, or how long they take to ship.

An even lower price $278.83 ($15.49 per TB) is available from:

They are UK imports.
I had once purchased from them, and got my order the next day (in New Jersey).

However, their included power bricks do not work on USA outlets. I managed to get bricks from Western Digitial, and it was not easy. If you know how to shop for a 3rd party, compatible power brick for a low price, then this might be appealing to you.


They have been at $300 for months. Here is newegg just now.

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Also you can order an internal drive from server parts deals without paying for shipping or taxes for $299. Newegg collects taxes.

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I had not considered newegg, due to “egregious customer service shortcomings”, as Gamers Nexus put it.

Also, the newegg listing that you listed is sold by “STYYCOQREEN”.
I have no idea who “STYYCOQREEN” is. They have only 3 ratings, with a 67% positive average.

I will never patronize newegg, unless I am desperate.

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Fair enough but my point is many retailers are selling external for under $300 for months. Internal are there now too.

I have bought over 60 hdd from server parts deals and never had an issue. If you buy in bulk they sometimes can cut like $10 off per hdd, sometimes their prices are just so good they dont offer bulk discounts. Either way i stand behind them and suggest you give them a look.

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I have been checking:

I have not seen prices fall below $329.99 for 18 TB USB drives.

Which retailers?

Buy in bulk from where?

Give who a look?

Server parts deals. I posted s screenshot from their website earlier. They are selling internal seagate x18 for $300 no shipping fees or taxes.
If you order over 20 its worth contacting them for a little more off. They are regularly the cheapest or one of the cheapest vendors. And like i said I’ve bought over 60 hdd from them, seagate, wd, 18tb and 20tb, sata and sas.

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