What are points in a chia pool

Hey I’m new to chia and I just joined a pool with 4 plots right now it say I have 26 points what are the points for and what does it mean ??

As you farm, your farmer submits partial proofs to the pool. This is showing the pool that you have plots and that you are farming. The more plots you have and the more your farmer is online, the more proofs are submitted. Each of these proofs earn points in the pool. These points are used to determine how much of the reward you get when a block is found (and you get paid for your participation). Your points get reset to zero after each block is found and you start to earn points toward the next payout.

what is a partial? Ive got tons of partials. proofs found even but no win. so what is a partial? “I partially got it right so just wanted you to know u suck” is that it lol.

Points in a PPLNS pool are used for calculating your share in the block reward.

In a PPS Pool like us, we convert Points to XCH and credit to your account real-time.