What are the results of your farm? Collect experiences here

It would be nice to collect the experiences so as to compare the results …
My experience is:

My farm is solo
Total capacity: 1.36PiB
Average payout 4 - 6 days for 2 months, now for 1 month with no winnings

You are part of a pool with you 1.36 PiB?

I have ~0.3 PiB in flexpool with no blocks won for the last 38 days. I was thinking of switching to solo farming for a while and test my luck (currently at ~160% of of expected time to win), but seeing your results discourages me from solo farming once again. It reminds me of those posts here in the forum from very “unlucky” guys with large farms. Maybe it is better to just let the farm stay in the pool and let go of the “lottery experience” completely.

My farm is solo… updated now the post

So you have an “expected time to win” of 6 days and now you have waited 30 days without a win? You are at 500% luck which is very rare if you check the block reward history of pools such as flexpool (Blocks | Flexpool.io). I would probably worry that something is wrong with my setup at this point if I would be you.

Unfortunately the configuration seems to be perfect … low times, chiadog does not warn me of anything …
It seems that Flexpool is also over 400% in the last period and therefore unfortunate … am I wrong?

Yeah, you are correct, but they are not above 500% luck very often. I stopped looking after going through ~26 pages of flexpool block rewards without finding any instance >500% luck, hence the concern. Are you missing any signage points according to chiadog?

TBH I’m not really understand with kind of “luck” in crypto space but maybe there it is. In May I started my solo farm with only 8Tb of HDD and then in June I win my first 2XCH (when XCH price at $860) then I think to create another plots with my 2Tb external HDD then boom I got another 2XCH in early August.
Now I have 13Tb of plots and switching to NFT pool with only 0.005XCH payout per 3 days and still no luck winning a single block.
I heard many stories about people who investing super hardware for farming but still have no luck to win a single block. I really don’t understand how “luck” working even with chance % of winning based on our hardware.
Edited: FYI my estimated time to win is about 2 years

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It has got to the point that very large rigs are getting goose eggs…I understand the luck, but when you invest that much and get zip, it is time to go to a pool…A pool should be winning every two days. If not ck things out…if all is good, go to another pool…That advice came from JohnMichael.

Two days? Flex pool wins every hour (at least on average)

I have 1100 plots. I have pool-farmed 1.09 XCH so far. Steady income of about 0.8 XCH/month presently.

I have around 6 XFX. Would have had a lot more but my payout address wasn’t an XFX address - check that if you are farming alt-chias.

I am still plotting heading for 2000 plots. So using a fair amount of electricity still.
So far not making a theoretical (not planning to sell) profit but will be more profitable once plotting stops.

what is this ? Is it a software or something which is giving stats.

Not sure if I want to publicly post all details. Let’s just say that in forums and reddit we see some folks get very lucky with small farms and then some large farmers being unlucky. I’m in the former group.

Every hour? Spacepool wins every couple of minutes​:grimacing::grimacing:


offtopic question…does the pool have any effect on whether you find a proof or not ??

because my impression with 2 hours of farming with flexpool is that i get more proofs with flexpool than with space pool.

with space pool i was farming about 5 days and i got totall of around 290 proofs.

with flexpool i get already 450 proofs (from 290 to 450) in 2 hours.

farmer has 1178 plots

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Luck is a factor, I’ve only skimmed your post, too drunk for owt else.
It would seem you were very lucky earlier.
I’d say keep being lucky and go solo, others would as alway have a different opinion.

“owt else”…lolol :laughing: UK…Yorkshire? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Still plotting, on way to 1800 plots with poolchia. Got 0.9XCH from that.

Bought 6 XCH on Wednesday (I think) at £160 each, now worth £200 each so nice timing but I would like price to drop for two reasons. I want to buy more coins. Also I don’t want net space to grow even more.

You also dont want it to contract either, if it contracts this shows a lack of confidence in Chia, at least as far as farming goes.

Yep, well played… ( 20 chrs)