What are these transactions?

Today I woke up and I found and unexpected transfer on my wallet, of course a very small one. So I tracked it down and it looks very suspcious, or maybe I just cannot understand it properly.

The transfered came from: Chia (XCH) Address xch1hc4782d6zcdqq70g7s7wuw93yevjqhsh2ytdw2028lt5hzj4hczqm0xa2e | XCHscan
When you check it, it is possible to see how they do 5-6 very low transactions, and then, the balance is sent to another address. You can track it up and down and it is always the same process.
Do you know what is this?
Thank you

Dit you create any new NFT’s?

The picture above, looks like two transactions + two time transaction fee
and then 3 NFT’s

I did, but that is not my address, it is where I got the transfer from

Ok, so which transaction is going to your wallet?

If I understand you correctly, you are getting an incoming amount, but no idea why? Not a pool payout then?

This is the transaction I got: Chia (XCH) Transaction 0x2978d74a78684c8715528fab3246338332fb4ab9a7bc2be3343100f61f5bc7e1 | XCHscan
As you can see, is too small for being a payout and too big to be a faucet.
The interesting thing is to "follow the money "

Ok well beats me… :joy:
does seem odd, but honestly I don’t know much about transactions and how to properly follow them.
Sure someone else here will though.
At least it’s not money going out :slight_smile: