What chia developers do

hello guys,
after getting some error in my 1.8.1 wallet, I upgraded it to 2.0 and the intolerable chain of bugs and errors began.

The problem is that 2.0 and 2.1 are full of bugs.
Can’t talk to harvester. It does not turn off with “chia stop all”,
It automatically closes the connection with the harvester, which works smoothly,
It does not see some 2.0 harvesters at all, it perceives them as old wallets.
wallet frozen.
These are just a few of the errors I experienced in a few days.
This got me thinking and I think it convinced me that we were all wrong about chia being successful. (I was already an unhappy miner)

1- plotter
madmax generate gpu plotting with 64 gb ram around a year ago, chia developers did same around a week ago.Should it be much easier to do what madmax has already done?

2- ledger wallet
I think it was announced by the team about 6 months ago that the necessary updates were made by Ledger and that chia support was ready. However, we found useless card support instead of ledger support. why?

3- always problematic wallets
just remember past fork and they force miners to 1.8 or higher and 1.8 is really buggy too.

4-fascist approaches

After saying all these ideas, I cannot write anything on discord.(24 hours) I have been warned.

In light of all this information, I think that chia software developers are not really doing their job properly and chia will sink like a titanic. The bad news is that my 3 pb farm will be drowned with chia.

I’m curious about your opinions.


Just asking, did you save off your config.yaml file off to (CYA) and rename it then run chia init to create a new config.yaml in chia 2.0 or chia 2.0.1 then add back your drives etc. Is there something picky with 2.0 or 2.0.1.
Others need to speak up that may know.

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I’ve never reset my yaml, even through all the Beta’s I ran, tried once, had issues so just restored my backup.

No idea what CYA means though?

CYA is a name used a lot (Cover-Your-Ass) as backup etc.
When you make a backup of a file, you covered your butt!!!

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What I want to talk about is not what error the 2.x versions give. being buggy.
chia was born almost 3 years ago and even the most basic things like wallets are buggy.

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Not to be snarky or dismissive to the team, but I think they were a bit over their head. Yes they had a very smart team, but smart contracts, hardware wallets, and GPU stuff is probably new territory for most of them.

They did good getting the storage and plotting team together - that needed to happen for you bigger farmers. Yes it’s been a bit slow on the rollout, but if they ignored the farmers on only focused on the VC returns and corporate stuff it would have been far more telling. “Afterthought” is too strong of a word, but sometimes it feels like you guys haven’t always been heard though, I will grant you that.

I’ve noticed the heavy handed moderation the closer you get to the mothership. I mean, I understand, a couple of negative comments can sway millions of dollars, and this is a corporate coin. It does feel like the air is sucked out of the room when projects do that though - it’s like jumping into an app store and the devs (or marketing dept) are aggressively commenting on every 3 star or lower comment… or shadow bans, bot armies, etc. Hard to feel good about any of that, and I’ve dumped projects in the past because they hassled their user base instead of fixing their failings. Chia… I don’t know, I’m still around. I like hard drives, some of the staff are really cool cats, I like the community… this stuff can be fixed, I’ll be around if it does.


Perhaps you should tell the WHOLE story about why you were timed out on discord for 24 hours, you made NO attempt to resolve any issues but chose to insult people instead… including a disgusting ethnic comment using a stereotype… thats when you were warned to stop the behavior and seek help in support, to which your response was continued mocking and insults, at which point you were removed for the day.

See what happens when we tell the WHOLE story rather than try to seek sympathy from others with all the nasty parts you said left out? We get a very different story of behavior which explains why you were removed for the day, for gross ethnic comments and zero attempt to resolve any issues.

You were given a chance to stop the verbally abusive behavior, you chose not to, thats nobodys fault but your own.


Truth bomb!!


I am not the person who will solve chia’s problems. These problems have always existed and unfortunately will always exist. honestly thats the point.
Yes, I can say the same here.
200 Indians sleeping in the same room would produce a better wallet than 2.0 chia wallets.
This means;
200 Indians sleeping in the same room will produce 2.2 chia wallets better than chia developers. I’m sorry about that but it’s true.

Maybe you should give up your fascist approach and think about where chia software developers made a mistake.

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Yes, it must be really smart to communicate via private message, wait for the comment and reply this.
much easier than developing a wallet. continue on this path. lol

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I have no further questions, your honor!

  1. You were asked to stop using ethnic insults, thats not fascism its human decency
  2. You were offered assistance which you declined, thats not fascism its you making a choice
  3. You repeated this behavior multiple times, thats not fascism its you having a public meltdown

even now you are being offered assistance by people on this forum, and you still are not willing to work through it with them, at some point you have to realize the problem isn’t everyone else, its you.


i never requested help.
i am taking about CHIA’S FUTURE.
Again, it’s not my job to fix chia’s future. (or buggy wallets, or ledger support, or plotter etc…)

You complain about things not working for your setup (problems the majority were not experiencing), you then go to multiple places where you can receive assistance but refuse help from multiple people offering help on multiple sites, you then spend your time insulting and complaining to others…

most people when offered help to figure unique issues out, take that help so they can move forward, all you’ve done is sit-n-spin while throwing a fit, and it sounds like thats what you want to do instead of solve your setups problem, your setup will continue to have problems as long as thats your approach.

As I said before, at some point you have to realize the problem isn’t everyone else, its you.

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I have updated to pretty much every version of Chia since may 2021, including a whole bunch of beta versions recently, never had any issue. Really, can’t remember a single time I had an issue with an upgrade. Download, run, start, done…

Chia 2.1.0-rc1 wont sync or Connection status not connected, Went back to 2.01 no problem.

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This is just one of the things I want to say. But thank you for telling the truth.

I have been running testing versions, followed RTFM…no issues :wink: Do not forget 99.9% of issues are between chair and keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

Chia has got lots of issues as every new tech…you can whine about it, or help them.

There are many whiners like you. When we built Internet back in 2000…I had people like you in our private network as well. I did it for free, in my free time…I shared my riches…people will always whine, never good, everything is crap.

we had unbelievable Internet speed 20Mbps :smiley: Kids downloaded porn with dial up back then :smiley: For people like you, it will be never enough :stuck_out_tongue: It is like in last 40years, there was some kind of noninvasive lobotomy on Earth.

People have everything, yet always whine…especially, those in developed countries.

If you don’t like it, why you keep using Chia? We have a saying in my country “If you get something for free, don’t whine about it…if you do not like it, wait till that guy is gone…throw it into bin”

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I really can’t make the connection between what you said and what I said.
I can only write about why I keep going.
If you bought a share in the stock market, you can convert it into money within a few days, even at a loss. If you have 3pb of data, it will take months at best to sell it. I’m trying to protect my investment, that’s what I’m trying to do.
Let’s assume that your chias were stolen from your wallet.
Won’t you question why there is no ledger support?

there is root of your problems darling.

If you have 3pb of data, it will take months at best to sell it. I’m trying to protect my investment, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Any kind of activity requires knowledge. The more you learn, the more you earn. If you have no business skills, nor investing skills…you shouldn’t be buying 3PB in first place :wink:

That is what poor do - just jump in, hope, and then whine/blame when it goes sideways.

Before I invest any resources, I wanna know the worst-case scenario. What will I do if it doesn’t work. If I calculate also my time, I have invested 60k CHF. I know I can get perhaps 15k CHF back by selling HDDs with 50% loss.

The rest is bye bye if it goes sideways. You can only mitigate risk.

Why do you want ledger support? Only person that can crack your wallet is your stupidity. You own the keys, if you cannot keep them safe with state-of-art security in your PC/brain…well you shouldn’t be doing this stuff in first place.

It is amusing to watch you whine, and trying to shift your problems to others :wink: Deal with it or quit. Your choice, simple as that.

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