What cloud are you using

When you guys buy and sell plots what cloud are you using? What are you normally fees you incurred?

I bought plots into wasabi and harvest from there. Working on downloading them now to reduce cost. $6/TB/mo is about double the cost for current value of the XCH produced.

Crowdstorage (polycloud) $4pm

But they have a 90 min on data. So are you paying $12 a Tb to get your plots?

I’m not about to pay $3680 for my 302tb of plots 302tbx$4x90 days

Not saying it is ideal. I am only testing it. I have 20tb atm. I am more curious about technology. If the pooling and pricing of chia go up then it makes no difference to me. Also, i am supplementing costs by mining other crypto. This is an investment. eventually, my chia will make money. so eh. You do what you want to do. You wouldn’t be saying this a month ago when the chia price was $1800.