What Does The World Bank Actually Do?

The Good

What Does The World Bank Actually Do?

The Bad

Is The World Bank Actually an Evil Empire? - How Money Works.

And the Ugly

World Bank and UN carbon offset scheme ‘complicit’ in genocidal land grabs

If anybody has any facts that disagree with any of the links I provided, please let me know.

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The philosophy of Aspy68. Vile and despicable.

Why we believe alternative facts

How motivation, identity and ideology combine to undermine human judgment

By Kirsten Weir

May 2017, Vol 48, No. 5

Print version: page 24

Fact or opinion?

It’s a distinction we learn as kids. But it turns out judging facts isn’t nearly as black-and-white as your third-grade teacher might have had you believe.

In reality, we rely on a biased set of cognitive processes to arrive at a given conclusion or belief. This natural tendency to cherry pick and twist the facts to fit with our existing beliefs is known as motivated reasoning—and we all do it.

“Motivated reasoning is a pervasive tendency of human cognition,” says Peter Ditto, PhD, a social psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, who studies how motivation, emotion and intuition influence judgment. “People are capable of being thoughtful and rational, but our wishes, hopes, fears and motivations often tip the scales to make us more likely to accept something as true if it supports what we want to believe.”

In today’s era of polarized politics—and when facts themselves are under attack—understanding this inclination (and finding ways to sidestep it) has taken on new urgency, psychologists say.

Even if we study the facts we are prone to reject those we do not like. Accepting new facts requires that you try to be as unbiased as possible when examining ideas that you disagree with.

If you do not at all research the facts on points that you disagree then you are destined to remain ignorant of all that you do not already believe.

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Bringing politics into the Chia usage conversation? To me it’s like this. Oh, people are using this cash to do bad things with. Shame on us for creating this cash. We are at fault because we created the cash and people are doing bad things with it. Maybe the company using our cash has a dirty history. If we hadn’t created this cash, and if they didn’t use our cash, then we would be free of all that is bad in the world.

Like seriously? You create the technology and it’s there to be used. Good, bad or ugly. Should Chia create a noble and honest requirement that anyone using the blockchain has to meet a certain standard of ethics? What corp is ethical, honest and transparent.

What I care about? Is real-world usage. Whatever that is? I DON’T CARE. The only people who want to try and stain Chia would be those in competition with Chia. When I read things often I ask myself what is the source and what might be the agenda. Crypto ripe with garbage and most here likely know that. Just because a few stories have legs means nothing. The web is pretty easy to manipulate and I think this does become more clear as countries start to look at social media and the people behind the so-called “stories”.

I think the fallacy here is believing anyone is universally good or bad. I’ve seen people say teachers are good and salesmen are evil or foreigners bad and locals good.

The fact is that pretty much every organization community job etc has its fair share of good and bad. But people will always try to find evil in those they dislike and good in those they like. It’s human nature.


Many, like myself, became interested in crypto because it was an economic system not owned and operated by the banks.

I have not mentioned politics. I have put up some links suggesting that for some like myself, Chia, after its becoming a cog in the World Bank machine, might not be exactly what they thought they signed up for.

I do not push any views on those who feel differently, or who could give a s**t, or think they should think like I do, or look down on anyone, and the last thing I would do is tell someone they are not free to think as they wish.

I do like to provide what I believe to be relevant information for those who care to examine it.


I feel the same way. I can already see how banks can sell their CBDC on the most decentralized and green network in the world.

If you don’t know what CBDC is, here is a link to a Youtuber I like to watch:

The Atari project is probably the first phase and a test for what’s to come. I certainly didn’t sign up to this.

If you ONLY care about money… well, I am fairly confident now that Chia will be a huge financial success but I don’t agree with what banks want to to do in the near future. They basically want to maintain their financial supremacy of course. They will probably destabilize the financial market, they will let it crash and blame Covid or something else and then they will come with the solution: CBDC. They want total control and money of course, our money, as always.

I hope we will be smart enough to fight it. I honestly hope I’m wrong about this whole thing. I hope the Chia team won’t be corrupted by the few. We’ll see…


Sorry if I was misunderstood. I’m always interested in reading various views. I was thinking more on the grand scale of things, that whoever ends up using the Chia blockchain shouldn’t be held against them. That’s just my opinion. When I reference pollitics it’s a pretty sweeping generalization which may not have been the proper word to use. I guess for me as long as Chia thrives I’m not really too worried about the projects. I trust them in the sense they want this thing to go huge and if they want to do that then I’m sure they would try to stick with positive projects and not set out to ruin their reputation. I just think with crypto there’s a lot of influence out there and some of it might be considered political influence or self-interest to dump on Chia and make it sound like trash. Not sure if the World Bank is ammo for that movement. I’m curious though.

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Lol @ SlugPlot…what a clown. “OMG, Chia is partnering with the elites of the world, all of a sudden the elites of the world MUST be on our side!” I normally wouldn’t call someone out like this, but Slug was quick to call out Aspy for posting links to information that is relevant to those invested here. Give me a break, this isn’t good news. They are literally partnering with the people that hate crypto and mining. Do you really think these carbon credits and ESG scores are going to look at Chia farming favorably? Think this through…

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I don’t see the link between CBDC, the world bank, and chia mining : it’s not the FED or the ECB that funds Chia, and recycling old hardware to make a living doesn’t make us complicit of genocide. I’m dubious that people engaged in the conversation here understand what they’re actually talking about. This isn’t very interesting discourse or argumentation.

For what it’s worth, I believe it’s very naive to think we can go ahead with decentralized economies without considering all the aspects (including good and bad) of the current banking system, and how to incorporate and transition from there. I’m not a fan of dichotomic thinking and political fights. This isn’t what I come on this forum for.

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I would suggest those invested in farming do some reading regarding ESG scores and how banks are beginning to use them and how it can potentially affect miners or farmers in the future. I also believe in decentralization and don’t want to see crypto controlled or influenced by central banks. This is why I never supported Ripple, and I am willing to bet that many people who avoid Ripple will now avoid Chia.

Crypto has been niche. There will always be those that think it should be some small, special “thing” that has certain boundaries that should never be crossed. People that think that way, fine. But those people are actually specs of sand on a beach. Chia cannot be all things to all people. A band like Metallica? Oh they sold out! Oh, they have a hit song! Oh, they are on the radio! They sold out. They aren’t metal! Yeah? Metallica controlled what they are and what they did and if they listened to those fans they might be working at Denny’s (no offense to anyone) or might be playing bars rather than arenas. When you get big, you leave a certain segment behind. All I can say is? Bye bye.

I hear you MisterSavage, I’m not saying that crypto should never be regulated, I’m saying that I don’t want to see the big central banks take over crypto and turn it into more of the same. I know that there are those of you here who think that the central banks are looking out for your best interests, and that’s fine. I am voicing my concern and hoping to encourage some discourse and critical thinking.

The other cryptos are against this. Chia is for it which is what it does differently. I’m invested in it for not pursuing the whole decentralized thing and instead working within governmental frameworks.

I completely understand Chris. I am a libertarian, and am a little more cautious, but hopefully I’m wrong about where I think that this is going.

The World Bank is not a central bank but an institution aimed at reducing poverty. Chia Inc is not a bank but a software company. The secured decentralized ledger that is the Chia blockchain is not controlled by an entity but by a collective of Space and Time farmers. No-one is taking over anything. There is a lot of convoluted thinking in this thread.

Chia Inc wants XCH to be recognized as a commodity ; they aren’t going against the financial system. I believe they are aiming at the market this way in order to make more progress where others will be shut down and regulated. Smart move really.

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Aurelius, your statement about the World Bank is misleading at best. You are correct that they are not technically a central bank, but they are a member organization of the UN, and are involved in everything from environmental efforts to governance.

What did my statement misled you to think? It’s pretty straightforward.