What exactly do I have here?

I’m looking in my wallet and I have several different items. This is the one with the biggest balance. I never even realized any of them were here except the Holiday Token I’ve known was coming. I haven’t ever bought anything. I don’t know anything about it.

As the tile says, “What exactly do I have here??” I honestly do not understand why it is here or where it came from or what is does. Anyone?

Send it to me, I just installed 1.4.0 on a couple of nodes.

Why? I need more info about what is going on here :grin:

Are you on windows with chia?

Under manage token list you turned on some cat, I just tried it and get what you have now.

Win 10 Pro - I wish I understood more, but even after trying to digest this link, I’m left with. "Great, what does it do for me? Am I richer, poorer, neither, is it just for $hits and giggles. Basically, WTH is the purpose?

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Another day another $0.29 only

Well lets see what happens overnight with this new 1.4.0

The last bits the answer in most cases I think.

If you click the “Manage Token List” there is an option to search on Tail Database (whatever that is??) That may find the answer, if not copy the token ID and Google it.

I had 90a2c6c92b86cf0cfca2b20fec0ff10f819e0cc6086b85b59a0024b3f0a3ce5f and Googling it came up with Chia Asset Token Explorer (xchtoken.org)

Under actions you can rename them, then under manage token list hide the crap again.

So overall, we simply just don’t know :face_with_monocle:. Perhaps we farmers all got these for being good boys and girls over the last yr as a “Thank you” :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: Or maybe they will make us millionaires :moneybag:one day if crypto manages to stay around :pray:, or perhaps they are some testnet practice items :shushing_face: leaked into 1.4. One fine day we’ll figure it out as they are just :scream_cat: s after all.

We hope to find out in time…

Are you playing with MMX also? There is another update V0.6.21 is out.

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Of course, like a moth to the light lol! Yes just installed V0.6.21, but thinking they need an auto-update function as they’re coming >1 a day now.

To find out what that CAT (or any CAT) is (BTW, I have the same one and 8 others along with the Holiday one). Do the following.

If it is on your list of tokens, do the following (if it is under your “Manage Token List” you can either enable it and follow these instructions or just click “Search on Tail Database” to get the Asset ID and skip steps 1&2 below):

  • Select it and click the “Action” button out to the right.
  • Select “Show Asset ID”.
  • Click the copy icon to put it in your clipboard.
  • Go to https://www.taildatabase.com/
  • Paste the Asset ID in the search box at the top. A box will pop up in the middle of the screen saying that it has found the CAT and it is called “Caesar”. Click the grey box showing the result.
  • You will be taken to a page outlining what the CAT is and who created it (along with other information). On that page, you will find a link to https://caesar.wales for more information.

If you go to that page, you will find it is very poorly created page that says they are creating a service called farmer.diamonds which if you go to that page (farmer.diamonds) you will see it is still in development. So my guess is that they created these 1.3 billion CATs as a poorly timed advertising stunt.

I am noob on this. Can you explain what is MMX?

There are already a couple threads concerning this blockchain…but in short…

MMX is a blockchain written from scratch using Chia’s Proof Of Space and a SHA256 VDF similar to Solana.

It’s main features are as follows:

  • High performance (1000 transactions per second or more)
  • Custom high-level VM for smart contracts (similar to JavaScript)
  • Variable supply (block reward scales with netspace, but also is capped by TX fees)
  • Consistent block times (every 10 seconds a block is created)
  • Native token and NFT support (atomic swaps with standard transactions)
  • Non-interactive offers for off-chain / on-chain trading (like in Chia)
  • Energy efficient Proof of Space (same as Chia)
  • Standard ECDSA signatures for seamless integration (same as Bitcoin)

MMX is desiged to be a blockchain that can actually be used as a currency.


It’ll be fun for someone dusting that!

I think that they are dusting it as we speak, or at least from time to time (I know too little to follow that). It may be that they will be doing it toward the end of the next week.

Although right now it is not yet on that level. I think it is more like 300 or so, or maybe that is just a calculated number for tesnet6.

By the way, transaction verification is processed by GPU and the speed is just mind blowing. At this moment, a junk GPU/iGPU is really good enough (around 2014 or so). I run it on Athlon 5350 APU with iGPU, and it takes maybe 10-20% of GPU (good enough for testnet, maybe not for production). Around July last year, when I tried to sync on it Chia, I gave up after a week, as there was no progress. (That chip draws around 10W.) They recommend Nvidia k620 board as minimum (~$30-40 on eBay). Although, I have not seen anyone talking about RPis.