What good usb hubs are you using?

I keep getting different USB hubs and they keep frying on me. Sometimes it takes a month or two, but most of the hubs I’ve tried fry. I’ve even tried multiple hubs of the same model just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke. fried. What’s kind of hubs have you found work well for farming that are either good in price/number of slots, etc? I am losing it here. I’ve had 2 go out in the last week (20 external HDs per hub unusable until I get a replacement).

I bought 3 orico 10 port hubs for the very first btc asic thumb sticks, only 1 has died after all these years and the other 2 are going strong.

I have using these HUBS for over 5 months now. So far so good.

Just ordered another one yesterday…

I have been using 5 of these:

Note that they have no power supply (the computer’s port supplies power – but only enough to power one port-powered drive). So if you plan to plug in more than one self-powered drive, you will have problems. I have not tried two flash drives. That combo might be okay?

Since you would be using them for Chia, then you would likely be using external hard drives that have their own power supplies – in which case, you should have no problems.

I have been using them for a few months, with all ports occupied, with no issues.
They do not get hot – barely even warm.

I do not recall if they were any warmer when I was writing and writing and writing to the connected drives. But when I tested the temperature just before posting this comment, all of the connected drives are full, so not much activity other than farming. But I did use them when filling up connected drives, and had zero issues.

Also, having no power cord might be good for this (Chia related) purpose.
It means X number of less outlets need to be used.

How well do those daisy chain together?

I have had no issues with the big brother of what drhicom mentioned. It’s a USB 3.1 Gen 2 version. Slightly more $$, but figured the future potential & speed could be worth the dif. It’s been on sale a couple times recently as well.

I have not done that.

I have wondered about it, though. But I am not going to introduce any potential problems into my “synced” computer, to find out the answer.

I know what you mean. Just not enough ports on my computer to accommodate the number of that hub I’d need.

Try some of this, I’ve been using Anker haven’t got issue so far, been playing https://www.ruju1978.com and plotting playing board game takes my time off you should try it. And you can buy enough ports depending on your hub. you can find a lot on google if you are interested.

so far this one is my favorite:

although Ive only got a couple drives in there
I also have this one:

its running 2.5 drives and either the drives or the hub is a problem… probably the drives since they are 2.5
i also have one of these and it works fine:

but one thing I see on virtually all of the 2.0 adapters is disconnects if I try using all ports. I have to keep one port empty or drive disconnect happens on any 2.0 hub so far.

ofcourse I have this one as well:

and no issues but its kinda pricy… but its 3.0 which is good if u have a ton of disks to plot and wana connect em all up at once

I’ve used this hub for quite some time now with no issue. Comes with 2 power supplies, it works fine for harvesting.

Big money :joy: but only USB 2.0

I have tried one (or more) of your recommendations. The problem is; they aren’t working. I think the issue is that my tower’s controllers aren’t enjoying so many devices connected to it. Even when I’m using dedicated pci e cards to expand its capabilities. I even tried it with another more powerful tower with the same cards and hubs and got even worse results.

In the BIOS, I had to downgrade from USB3.0 to USB2.0 to handle so many USB connections.

This one has done well by me: Sabrent USB 3.0 16-Port Aluminum Hub with Power Switches and LEDs (HB-PU16) | HB-PU16

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Are you using PCI e cards as well? how many usb items do you have connected? trying to distinguish all the variables.