What happened here? Proof Found?

Got this…

2021-07-12T17:33:04.537 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 1 plots were eligible for farming 0e9e64e310… Found 1 proofs. Time: 0.79169 s. Total 139 plots

How do I find out what happened?

Check your wallet. No chia, nothing happened.

Ya, No Chia… That’s why I was bummed… So I had to proof, but didnt win… That sucks!

Are you in a pool? If so, finding a proof is not what it used to be. Finding a proof is how you earn points in a pool. You didn’t win a block.

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I have some plots in a pool and some not. I just got 2 more and no XCH. I am going to guess this is part of the pool.

So does that mean every time the pool finds a proof my harvester will say I found 1 proof? Isn’t that a bit confusing?

NO. The proofs shown in your logs are yours. But they are not the same as the old proofs when solo farming. These proofs are partial proofs that are sent to the pool to allow them to keep track of your participation (estimate number of plots and also that you are online farming). You log does not report other pool participant proofs.

I guess the developer of the chia harvest graph needs to find a new fancy colour then for his blue dots if they refer to partials! Thanks for the explanation, that was very helpful!