What happens after all available hdd space is used up?

Hi, what happens assuming when the external 16tb is used up, do we remove it and add new external hdd? Will the finished plots in the previous hdd be in the chia network system or must we keep it connected

Hi - you must keep it connected and added as Plots Directory in your farmer, otherwise nothing is happening. The plots are used to win you XCH, if they are not connected/available you will not win.

edit: You can add multiple directories though, and multiple HDD etc as your setup allows. Good luck

Lets say i decide to buy 10 external 16tb hdd. Do i have to make different directories for each of them

Yes you will have to (AFAIK), or look at NAS options, having 10 external on one Machine connected via USB might be a bit… much?

If you set them up in a NAS (network attached storage) they could be all setup as one directory, but that is building a new computer etc. which increases the complexity a bit.

Like having the external hdd connected to a common usb port adaptor and conencting that adaptor to the cpu

That should work in theory, but I don’t have experience with that - i’ll let others comment or help further.

In the meantime look into ready NAS solutions like QNAP or Synology that might provide you with options. Good luck