What happens exactly when "chia plots check" is executed

Hi, I would like to know what exactly is done when executing “chia plots check”. So for example is the whole plot read, or just a part of it and if so which part? Will this affect the life of my SSD where the plots reside? What is needed for a plot to be valid? How is a plot checked if it´s valid to “win”?



well I dont know all the details but it does a few basic stuff I think like check file integrity.
But most importantly it tests every plot with a few (test)proofs to see if it actually is functioning the way it should.

No its just reading, not writing. But why are your plots stored on a SSD??

A lot of complicated cryptographic stuff

See above, basically plots check runs a local test, similar to how the real chain functions by sending some challenges and see if proofs can be found in the plot.