What i can expect with a DL380 gen 9 xeon 2690 V3?

Hello everyone,

After scrolling internet to get some stats, something useful ,I came here i see a lot of expert :slight_smile:

I want to step up my mini plot machine (just my own gaming computer with another SSD and drive).
I can buy a DL 380 gen 9 server with 1 Xeon E5 2690V3 32go DDR and 12X4 TB drive for a price that seems really bargain in France (less than 1000$) just for the hard drive it seems to be worth it.
BUT if i add 2 nvme adapter with 2 TB nvme drive such PNY CS3030 or Sabrent 2tb (I’m limited to PCIe 3.0 due to platform)
It could be a decent plotter ? What i can really expect in terms of performance with standard consumer nvme?
A possible upgrade ? Add another xeon 2690V3 and 32 gb ram to get a dual CPU configuration
Or my choice is already biased and whatever you can do or find, a new CPU like ryzen 5600 or 3900 or 10700K is a better choice ?
I try to do a pragmatic approach, and a good ratio beetween perf/invest.
Thanks :slight_smile: