What is

My logs are full of failed attempts to connect to IP Failure looks like -

Cannot connect to host ssl:<ssl.SSLContext object at 0x10db16b40> [Connect call failed ('', 8444)]

It is the one consistent address that it attempts connections too. Any idea what this address is?

Whois.com indicates that the address is from a block allocated to a Chinese provider - chinaunicom.cn (China Unicom Shandong province network).

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What process is it happening on? The harvester? (should be on the same line as the error message)

I was experiencing a similar thing yesterday and doing a complete restart/deleting config and doing chia init again didn’t help, and it eventually just resolved itself. My thinking is that someone elses wallet was in the peer list and my locally running processes were getting confused/trying to connect to that instead of my wallet running locally.

Log is coming from “full_node full_node_server”. Wallet and farmer connections are there to my local servers. I started looking at this because the client is slow to establish a connection to another Full Node. When it does it seems to only maintain a connection to one (previously it would have several). I suspect this is related to the timeout bug in version 1.1.1. I’ve updated to version 1.1.2 but how quickly others are updating isn’t clear. Anyway noticed this log about attempting to connect to this one IP that has been consistently occurring for over 24 hours.

Follow up to this. I was able to resolve the slow to connect to other Full Nodes problem by deleting the peer table node database and letting it rebuild. The address above that it kept trying to connect to was an entry in the old database. I’m guessing that the connect error it was receiving was causing it to loop on that one address rather than moving on to the next as it seems to do otherwise.