What is chia network

I’m new to crypto and all and don’t have lot of knowledge of it and all. But I’m trying to understand and make sense of chia. Like the blocks we are plotting, can this be used to store data? Like for example a patato chips factory, who wants qr code on his package that customers can scan so they can see where the patatos come from, when they harvest, lab results during the manufacturing proces,etc. All this data should be stored in a database.
Does chia provide a way to store and protect this database, and if so, would it work like this compagny forms a pool, and drops coins to that pool accordingl y the size of the db.

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Short answer no. :slightly_smiling_face: any other questions?

Nothing is stored in the files except random math.

The overall project goals should be covered by reading the website https://chia.net

(TL;DR Chia is a next-gen cryptocurrency based on proof of space, which is much more power efficient than proof of work.)