What is estimated time to win?

Hello, I am new in Chia Network. I’ve 1TB SSD on my vm and added more 6TB storage, waiting to plot all of them. But now 600gb of them allocated and farming right now.

is this estimated time to win for 1 chia? Becouse 1 plot allocation keeps around 12 hours and there’s not anything in my wallet. Can you explain me what is winning and how can I see how much work my storage did and how much I earned?

You have 6 plots, which can be thought of as 6 lottery tickets in the grand total of 4 EiB. So your estimated time to win is on average 4 years. Could be 2 minutes, could be 16 years. Just like joining any other lottery.

Plenty of content out there on Google what exactly this estimate means, but this is the gist of it.


In short, Chia is just a chance game. It does not provide any other kind of gain. Am i right?

And to answer another part of your original question, I do believe the reward when you win is 2 Chia, not just one. (minus transaction fees I do believe)