What is happening with my plotting?

I’m on Flexpool.io and seeing a recurring pattern of Effective space and reported points dropping and rising. It’s been happening the last 3 days and it all started after I upgraded my machines from 1.2.9 to 1.2.11. Has anyone else seen anything like this?


I don’t see that much drop on my side (maybe 10% or so).

If you check chiapool.directory, there are two things that make me nervous. Their luck ratio is rather bad (for the past few days). Also, looks like Flex is losing net-space (below 400PB right now).

@Chris22 do you see those things on your end?

Every pool is losing space right now due to an issue with the network.

I also just noticed that my number of peers dropped to 10 (including my farmer and wallet). Although, none of those is blocked. I am both getting and sending data to those peers. I also don’t see stales, so this behavior looks like a new one.

Is that another form of dust storm? If that is CAT1 related, then based on what Chia said, there are only few key nodes running v1.2.8/9, so that would be just a drop in the bucket.

The issue continues. I’ve tried restarting the software, restarting the computer, downgrading back to 1.2.9 which was working before and a reinstall of 1.2.11. Nothing has made any difference. Both of my nodes are on different ISP’s and the strange cycling up and down continues.