What is mean of "farmed unfinished_block" in log file?

  1. What is “farmed unfinished_block” in log file ?
  2. What is difference between found X proof and Farmed unfinished_block Messages ?
  3. What messages will be included if my harvester found proof, submit it, and it is accepted by blockchain ?
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That means that you found a proof and submitted a block to the network for validation. Unfortunately, I do not believe there is a message that confirms the status of that validation in the logs, so the only way to know if your block was accepted and not replaced by a later block is if your reward address received the coins.

As far as I’m concerned:

  1. “farmed unfinished_block” means that you farmed a block that previously was skipped for some reason. Looks like this (yellow circle):

  1. There is nothing in common.

  2. Yes, there is no message that confirms the status of the validation in the logs. You win the block - you get some info in your logs like this + coins:

(apologies for the little delay in my response)

On my Linux farmer/harvester I keep a screen session open with few windows running following commands which monitor my farmer and harvester:

tail -F ~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log | grep -e “Farmed unfinished_block”

Above will indicate when a farmer found a block which still needs to be verified by pool/network. This happens within a minute and your pool should report that you found a block and your 0.25 farmer reward will show up in your farmer destination wallet.

tail -F ~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log | grep -e “plots were eligible”

This will show you how many plots were eligible for farming during a particular challenge and on the same line you will see “Found # proofs.” which will indicate the number of proofs found and submitted to the pool. You will also see the time it took to scan these plots and number of total plots evaluated.

tail -F ~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log | grep “Looking up qualities on”

This will keep a record of any plots and their path that took >5s to be scanned. This is important to watch as you want to scan and return your proofs or found blocks ASAP and within 5s. Typically HDDs will start to doze off and it takes time to wake them up so keep the spinners spinning :slight_smile:

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