What is Pending Change XCH?

Hi, the bubble says these are change coins I sent to myself, but I don’t think I’ve sent myself anything!

What does this mean?

This happens when you spend a partial amount from a coin.

For example, say you solo farm a block and get 1.75 XCH for the pool reward and 0.25 XCH for the farmer reward. Then, you send 0.5 XCH to someone else for a purchase. Assume that it will spend from the coin created when you got the 1.75 XCH reward. What happens is 0.5 XCH of that goes to the address you send to, and the unspent portion of the coin is returned to you as change. The change coins are the ones you got back by spending a portion of a coin.

For more info, see chapter 4 of the Chia docs which talk about the Chia Coin Set Model.


Oh I get it…thank you!

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You should know this can get super scary. I transferred .0005XCH to a new cold wallet that I made and I saw 98.9995 XCH leave my wallet TO ANOTHER WALLET, the address for which I had never seen. I almost had a heart attack, until I reminded myself of the Coin Set Model. Because I had made a 99XCH transfer many many months ago to the sending wallet that was my largest “coin”, which was split apart when I tried to send to the new cold wallet.

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