What is Re-Plotting and how do we do that?

Dear friends,
I know this might sound silly to many of you but I ask it anyway because I don’t know the answer. I hear “replotting” word here and there regarding conversion of old OG plots with NFT compatible plots and I need to know, What is Re-Plotting and how do we do that?
Thank you all in advance. :pray:

For those of us who filled our hard drives with the old plots, that cannot be used for pooling, we need to delete these old plots in order to make space for the new poolable plots. This process is called “replotting”. Hope this makes sense.


Thank you for clearing that to me. I would have gussed the same thing.
But I think I leave those plots to farm as I spent so much time creating them and continue with making NFT’s that I started while ago. I am not sure if I join any pool yet because none of them are official.
I prefer to wait for chia network to introduce one.

Chia have stated that they are not making an official pool.
They created the nft protocol that pools can use to make things more secure.

As for replotting, if your still making plots I’d do the same and just keep creating extra plots as opposed to replotting.

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What pool you suggest to be safe on

I’m fairly compensated at flexpool and I enjoy their dashboard, so I stay with them.

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No issues with Flexpool either, but I would love to see a third-party audit after hearing about pool operators can easily scam their users.

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replotting is:

  • delete old-style (= OG) plots

  • make new NFT plots

  • with NFT plots you can farm ALSO solo. no need to join a pool if you want to farm solo. that is why it is called portable plots.

  • with old-style plots you can ONLY farm solo

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