What is the best setting for madmax

Windows i7 10400 eight cores, 2.9 GHz 128 GB Ram DDR4 (3200 MHz) Samsung Evo 980 Pro SSD windows11 Ramdisk 110 GB with Imdisk. Can you give me some advize about a good setting for madmax?
I think there are some very experienced users out here.
I am testing -u 512 -v 128 and -u 256 -v 128
With the setting -t (SSD) -2 (Ramdisk) -u 256
I get 48 minute / plot.

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mmx_plot.exe -n 15 -k 31 -x 11337 -r 8 -K 1 -u 256 -v 256 -d G:\mmxk31\ -t S:\ -w -D -f famer-key -p pool-key

I’m trying this on a machine and pasted this into two cmd windows to give it a try. This -t drive is a samsung 970 evo 1tb nvme. have to try this out what the time would be on this machine

This way I can create two plots at the same time I hope.

Which is better -w wait for the copying of the plot or without -w simultaneous copying and starting a new plot file? If -u and -v is same, you dont need to put -v. Default -v equals to -u.
In my system I tried -r 15 and 14. 14 was faster a few minutes ( Also running chia gui on the same PC).

Really making that box run for its money…

I’ll tell you the answer, and it’s likely not what you think> “Don’t use MMX plotter.” A while ago it was don’t use the OG plotter, then came MMX plotter. But things always change, and often improve. And it has come to pass that way yet again.

Use this> :BladeBit Disk v2". It will likely cut your time 20-50+% depending on SSD & memory speed over MMX plotter. If you can get rid of extraneous memory use, try 120GB cache. Less is still very ok, say 110-120GB.

I haven’t tried it on my i5-10500 yet (MMX farmer), but on my TR 3955WX 16 core all-purpose Chia/MMX plotter, MMX K32 plotting time was maybe 21-28 min, now BB Disk V2 MMX is 14-15 min. Chia plotting should be the same as MMX one is derived from it.

It’s still in Beta, but after playing with it for a week or so to tune it to the max, never going back. Only thing is currently it does not support other than K32…but later it supposedly will.


Did you use BB Disk to produce MMX plots (-x 11337), or just chia plots (i.e., does it have -x option)?

ASAIK, BB Disk v2 is for Chia (and from Chia), then it was ported to plot MMX, and that port does only support MMX at the moment. I’m done plotting Chia plots, so only MMX plots now.

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Do you have a link on hand? I only found one link that looked like that, but it gives me 404 error.

Chia is using different -x value, so it would be just enough to expose it via -x param. That value is used not just for MMX, but also for other Chia forks (e.g., Chives, not sure if there are other like that).

Chia or MMX link? I’ll edit it in here


I’m using it. But trust or not is on the individual user, yes?


Thank you for your comment
I will try BB Disk V2.
Can you please give the link to download. Should I trust that beta file?

Release v1.2.4-mmx · MMX-World/bladebit (github.com)

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I read the page for BB. It says using DRAM cache would be better. Is it same with Ram disk or not?

I found this download page:

And this the beta V2. (Released 14 days ago)

You simply need your memory. I’ve had 64Gb, 80GB (better) and 128GB (better still) or more. No need for RAMDisk, it makes it’s own. Just have the memory.


On the BB page it says you need at least 500 GB drive for temp dir. Is it better to use a bigger SSD like 1 TB or not?
I have 500 GB samsung evo 980 pro and 1 TB 970 plus, the first one is faster than the second.

Sorry, I only have 1TB and bigger. Try it. Bigger drives usually perform better, within their specs.

I think your two links are for chia plots only.

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Thank you. Actually, I saw that, or rather the root of that project (GitHub - MMX-World/bladebit: BladeBit - Fast Chia (XCH) RAM-only k32-only Plotter). Although, it has written all over that this is the original BB, not BB Disk (so 512 GB RAM is needed) so I gave up on that one.

Just to test, I downloaded it, but when run as bladebit.exe --memory it says that it needs 446,676,598,784 RAM. Also, the version is v1.2.4 (BB Disk is v2.x), so that is the original BB, not BB Disk.

Still, good to know, as it has --mmx, so k32 MMX plots can be made, if the box has 512 GB RAM.

Maybe the next time I fire that plotter, I will check the code, whether at least that --x 11337 can be hardcoded to produce MMX plots only.

Kind of shame that Chia didn’t expose that parameter, as that is the only change between Chia, MMX, Chives plots.

I could not find the setting for cache size. I started BB 2.0 and it says cache size: 0.0 GiB
I have 128 GB memory.
I have started a plot and will see how long will it take.

Yeah, looks like they didn’t bother to change --help output. However, on that page there is " Plotting with all temp2 in-RAM on a 128G machine" section:

diskplot -f <farmer_public_key> -c <pool_contract_address> diskplot -a --cache 99G -t1 <temp1_path> <output_path>

So, you may need to use –cache 99G or so.

Actually, also --memory has the old output.

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