What is the most serious place to buy XCH?

Hello to all,

I would like to buy some chia and I would like to know the best place to order .

Could anyone give me some of the most serious site to order ? Binance and Poloniex wont sell XCH :frowning:


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Any place you go has their issues and people that will have bad things to say about it. I have used a combination of Coinbase Pro and Gate.io for months now with no issues. Deposit USD into Coinbase Pro, buy DOGE or something with low transfer fees (I used to buy USDT but recently fees are outrageous). Then transfer to Gate.io. Then buy XCH and withdraw to cold wallet. I’ve done this every two weeks for months. But like I said, I wouldn’t say that any current exchange that offers XCH is a quality exchange. I haven’t had any issues but proceed with caution.

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I can buy chia with crypto.com app but it is not withdrawable, they say feature will be made available soon. if you plan to hodl in a cold wallet then gate.io is a good place. i use both daily for all my crytpo.

I have bought and withdrawn Chia from okex.com with no drama.

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Thank you for the answer.

Quick question it is not possible to buy USDT on Gate.io ?

I was thinking to buy USDT on Poloniex then transfer them to Forks.green or Gate.io buy XCH and then move them to my XCH wallet should this work ?


same here, it’s been quick and easy


You can buy USDT on gate.io, yes. But you would need to get your money there first. To get fiat currency directly into gate.io is expensive. It is cheaper to deposit into coinbase, buy a crypto and transfer that to gate and use the crypto to buy XCH.

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Kucoin and gate.io are your best options.
To sell XCH, Kucoin is cheaper than gate.io.

Ok Thank you very much again :wink: I did open account with gate.io I am still busy to verify the account.
I will then see for costs and make a decision buy USDT with them or not :wink:

Thx again

The negative reviews on both gate.io and crypto.com are very worrying online, some positive reviews but far outweighed by the bad.

Anyone with negative experience on them?