What is the real use of XCH in life?

What will the XCH project bring to Real life?
What will it apply?
What problems will he solve?

99% of people collect it in the hope of getting rich if its price rises. :smiley:

I see. But what kind of Token will be used in real life? Will the network space be used by other companies? What is the plan of the creators of the project?

Did you read their whitepaper? It’s all there:


Let’s throw some ideas in here.

Securitize real world assets, collective property ownership, permissionless accounting… For example, automatically charge all property owners for monthly payment / utilities according to their share, or automatically credit proceeds from rent (according to their share).

Election systems, electronic government, local taxes. Smart contracts are public and impossible to corrupt - so a use case for politics is presenting itself.

Scientific use cases - something like supply-demand simulation, free market/behavioral analysis?

All this good stuff needs creativity and skill of 3rd party developers. Chia Network simply provides the blockchain “fabric”


That’s things you could do on the Chia blockchain, like on other blockchains. The question was about XCH

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xch is a ponzi right now. thats why price always going down.
nothing use case in real life for now.

Google “ponzi scheme” before using the term, you clearly have no idea what it means