What kind of memory on this mother board

I am using a mini pc dell optiplex for plotting with nvme m.2 via usb 3.0
other day I opened the pc to take a look at the mother board and there is a slot m2 but I am not sure of that.
You put the image here, what do you think? What kind of memory can I put there?
Can I have benefit intead of external nvme?

Thank you

There are a number of different key configurations for M.2 sockets/cards - yours doesn’t look like an NVMe keying, looks like it might be a B-keyed socket, which would take an M.2 SATA disk (not NVMe). In general the idea is that if the card fits into the socket it will work.

It’s hard to gauge size here but slot1 looks like it’s for a wifi card or something short like that.
Slot2 seems like a regular old m.2 slot. And yes m.2 is better than external in almost all situations.

But you should check out the computers specs, or google to find out compatibility

Ha, I didn’t even see the socket marked SLOT1_M.2, only the one marked SLOT2_M.2.

That makes the top slot keying more clear then, SLOT1_M.2 looks to have A keying, indeed for Wifi and things like that, and SLOT2_M.2 is full length but still B keyed, so it won’t take an M-keyed NVMe SSD, only a (much less fast) B-keyed SATA SSD.

So something like that?

Yes exactly, that has B+M keying so will fit in either a B keyed or an M keyed slot, and should work.

However, this is not as fast as an NVMe disk, it will run at SATA speeds, is not really different to plugging in a conventional SATA SSD with a cable, although the small form factor is nicer.

You may also find when you add a SATA M.2 disk that you lose the ability to use one or more of your conventional SATA disk connections (equally if you add an NVME M.2 you might lose the ability to use one of your conventional PCIe slots), this is because there may be less supported connections to the controllers on the CPU+chipset than there are physical connectors, this is something that will definitely be in the motherboard manual.

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thank you
I think I keep using my nvme via usb at least it has a higher tbw