What Ramdisk Software du you use on Windows?

Just considering to use the Madmax Ram Plotter.
Is it working fine on Windows, too?

Is it working on Windows? / Yes. Currently testing…
On an Intel Core i7-8700K 4.3 GHz, NMVe Evo Plus 1TB, “phase 1” finished in 55 minutes. (Off the total 12 threads, I set to 11 threads, but it ignored my settings and took everything at 100%, so definitely no parallel here.)

You can still run 2 in parallel and see if it ends up being faster in terms of plots per hour. Your OS will take care of allocating the CPU ressources.

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That might work, thanks…
I like the idea :slight_smile:

You can still run 2 in parallel and see

Just tried 2 in parallel, nah, my system rebooted (losing the 1st unfinished).

I have been using the Imdisk app

New to Madmax. What is the Minimum RAM Drive size advisable with Madmax?

What works:
NVMe as temp 1
RAM drive as temp 2 (110 GB) (75% of phase 1 is made in temp 2)

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Thanks ChiaMiner!
So will a 128GB RAM Machine works with 110GB allocated as ramdrive?
Or, do I need a 256GB RAM Machine?

128 GB will do the job.

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Did the job perfectly fine.
Simple and easy to use.
Allows unlimited amount of ram to be allocated for the RAM Disk.
I used ~118 and ended up with a 112 GB drive.

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