What Ramdisk Software du you use on Windows?

Just considering to use the Madmax Ram Plotter.
Is it working fine on Windows, too?

Is it working on Windows? / Yes. Currently testing…
On an Intel Core i7-8700K 4.3 GHz, NMVe Evo Plus 1TB, “phase 1” finished in 55 minutes. (Off the total 12 threads, I set to 11 threads, but it ignored my settings and took everything at 100%, so definitely no parallel here.)

You can still run 2 in parallel and see if it ends up being faster in terms of plots per hour. Your OS will take care of allocating the CPU ressources.

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That might work, thanks…
I like the idea :slight_smile:

You can still run 2 in parallel and see

Just tried 2 in parallel, nah, my system rebooted (losing the 1st unfinished).

I have been using the Imdisk app

New to Madmax. What is the Minimum RAM Drive size advisable with Madmax?

What works:
NVMe as temp 1
RAM drive as temp 2 (110 GB) (75% of phase 1 is made in temp 2)

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Thanks ChiaMiner!
So will a 128GB RAM Machine works with 110GB allocated as ramdrive?
Or, do I need a 256GB RAM Machine?

128 GB will do the job.

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Did the job perfectly fine.
Simple and easy to use.
Allows unlimited amount of ram to be allocated for the RAM Disk.
I used ~118 and ended up with a 112 GB drive.

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ive got an old r710 server with dual xeons I use for plotting. if i throw 128gb of ecc ram in it (only have 64gb currently) can I use ramdisk? or do i have to have some kind of “speeecial” ram to use ramdisk?

Any ram will do. If you can throw 110 GB ram at it, leaving enough for the operating system and the MM process. It probably won’t be faster than SSD/NVME epsecially if you have DDR3 ram. However, it will not wear out.

I use 110GB of DDR as a ramdisk, you can use programs like ImDisk or OSFMount to mount the ramdrive. Of course, its ram, so it dissapears when you turn the machine off, but as its only temp space this doesn’t matter.

Linux is definitely faster for this than windows. I have an R620 and an R720 both running ramdrive and raid0 6x15k SAS drives per array as temp 1 drives. On windows this is 5000 seconds per plot, on Ubuntu (baremetal) it is 2300 second per plot.

That being said with netspace increasing slightly less rapidly, it might not be all that important to plot fast. This might change as pooling begins, we still have to see if most poolable plots will be written over solo plots meaning netspace won’t increase, or whether some people have been holding back from plotting waiting for official pools to start.

I was plotting pretty slowly built a few servers, got organised now I am plotting fast but filling up drives with solo plots when I really want to pool.