What’s in your crypto portfolio?

While this is a forum focused on Chia, I’m sure pretty much everyone here has a whole crypto portfolio filled with all sorts of interesting things.

I’ll start:

I’ve been a big forum user for a long time on the internet, and very much didn’t take bitcoin seriously when I was active on forums in like 2011 and guys were mining on their personal computers. Shame on me.

My portfolio now is:

~75% Bitcoin. I got started in it by selling my friend a DJI drone in 2017 for BTC, and boy was that an expensive drone for him now :slight_smile: I’ve since been dollar cost averaging into it off and on
~10% Ethereum. I think Eth as a project is super complicated, but with how much is built on top of it, makes sense to have some exposure. Very curious about their migration to Proof of Stake though
~15% VeChain. A buddy mentioned this to me. Very interesting proof of authority model, and they seem to have legitimate traction in Asia. Very good returns so far.

And then I have a few thousand dollars invested in Chia so far for equipment (NUC w/ NVME, and now 6 drives for about 60gb of storage so far, will keep expanding as my plotting catches up).


~90% Bitcoin (BTC) Thought it was crazy from 2009-2018, dabbled in 2018, but late 2019 made me a believer. Seriously kicking myself for not just giving it a flyer back in 2010. :man_facepalming:
~1% Monero (XMR) So I was waiting on plotting hard drives (for Chia) to arrive and doing altcoin research when I figured out you can mine Monero on standard hardware and joining pools is dead simple.
~9% Chia (XHC) Started plotting during RC, have a decent collection today.

To date I’ve invested about $5,500* into Chia, excited to see what happens next. *number is increasing by the week :crazy_face:


I have a basket of cryptos:

BTC Bitcoin (small amounts, but I gain ~$20/day with nicehash gpu mining)
BAT Basic Attention Token (up almost 3x)
DNT district0x
UNI Uniswap
ADA Cardano

Recently sold all my DOGE above 30 cents for a >600% return, and my Tezos for ~2x.

Just learned about Chia 3 days ago and have invested $8k and have 70 plots already, making a mad dash towards having close to 200TB online asap.


60% Bitcoin, 20% Etheream and 20% Get Protocol. Not a massive portfolio but I used earnings from the latest bull run to fund the small plotting rig and 64Tb of storage. Still plotting but happy with 30 xch


95% Cardano as it is the best implementation of PoS and its science based first approach is unparalleled in the industry.

4% Ergo as it is the best implementation of gpu PoW I have found and it is also very much a science first approach cryptocurrency.

1% Chia but with a hefty investment in equipment (among other things 0.5 PB)for farming so probably a growing investment, It has the most neat idea for decentralization over time I have found in any cryptocurrency and the going public as a stock company seems a no brainer and great timing to do so. With that said I am not here for pump as a stock company is released and I have stuck with all the projects I support.


Bitcoin - 75
Ethereum - 20
Solana - 5

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I have a tiny bit of bitcoin (I actually bought $10k in March 2020 and made $40k but sold those gains and invested it in more traditional stuff because I consider BTC 100% gambling), but I am all in on Chia!!