What’s your favorite Chia wallet?

There are so many wallets that support trading on the Chia Blockchain.
Do you use them all? What’s your favorite and why?

  1. Chia Wallet
  2. Nucle
  3. Goby
  4. Pawket
  5. Ozone

Wondering is there any use of the case for a person to hold these wallets at the same time?

I find Nucle to Be sufficient. Endorsed by chia.


What is the best advantage of Nucle wallet?

I’ve heard that Nucle can’t support CATs and offer to trade right now. Not sure if they will support the NFT marketplace or not when the standard comes out.

Seems like their active in development. Cats will be supported it says “comming soon” in the app.

It’s extreamly simple to use. And doesn’t expose your private key outside of your device. Plus Face ID is nice. It’s more of a cold storage at this point. Off the chain wallet.

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Favourite wallet currently my cold wallet inside a safe!

Accumulating chia at present

Anyone use Pawket wallet and use the offline option?