What’s your personal tech stack?

Outside of investing in hardware to plot and farm Chia, what is your personal tech stack day to day/professionally?

I personally started drinking the Apple koolaid about 10 years ago, and have been running MacBook Airs/Pros ever since both professionally and personally (with a Hackintosh along the way).

Now my whole family is fully Apple’s out, wife and I both have apple watches, we upgrade our iPhones every year, I’m writing this on an iPad Pro (I very rarely use a laptop when I’m not working anymore, because an IPad works great for me for writing and browsing, and because I never have enough time to code like I think I might). Got Apple TV’s throughout the house, etc.

As much as I realize we are heavily invested in a high priced ecosystem, the seamless ness (and frankly, mindlessness because it all works together) just makes my life easier. Being able to FaceTime my family so easily while traveling (pre-COVID), the ease of the App Store, the ridiculous cameras, etc. Just a big fan of Apple all around.

So my personal setup is:

2018 MacBook Pro for work
2015 MacBook Pro personally (will upgrade to the next MacBook with the m1x chip in it)
2020 iPad Pro
iPhone 12 pro
Apple Watch 5

So, bring out your pitchforks and torches given how I kicked this thread off haha.

What’s your daily driver? What equipment are you eyeing to try?

Let the holy wars commence!


I’m an equal opportunity techie. My main machine is a big gaming rig on Windows 10 with two Nvidia 2080Ti cards. Next to that is another tower with a Nvidia 3090, on a 4-port 4k kvm with a Mac Mini and an intel NUC running Ubuntu. Macbook Pro on one desk, an MSI Windows 10 laptop on another. iPhone 12 pro max.

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For work:

  • MBP 13 from 2017 as desktop and remote connections.
  • DELL PowerEdge Servers with tons of CPU, memory and storage running Linux for development and sysadmin stuff.

At home:

  • Windows Gaming RIG with an “old” i7-7700K, 16GB RAM, 2x NVMe 1.5TB total, RTX 2070S (currently used for plotting)
  • HPE Proliant ML350 Gen9 tower server with Xeon E5-2630 v3, 64GB RAM, 5TB SAS storage for virtualization (used for farming).

If you can afford the Apple Tax, go for it. The ecosystem is the best I know. Personally I prefer to NOT stick with one ecosystem and get used to any system out there.
If you change jobs and you’ll only get Windows, it will be hard if you only use macOS or Linux.


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All of my workflows are based around Windows only software, otherwise I would love to own a M1X 16" MacBook Pro once it is released.

For work I am using Dell Latitude 5590 and at home I have Dell XPS 15 9560 along with old school Lenovo ThinkPad X230 that I am using as my plotting/farming rig. I am holding out for 15-16" ThinkPad with 16:10 screen, Ryzen Zen3 H-series or Tiger Lake-H, and Nvidia RTX 3060 before I upgrade my XPS.