What should I choose Mad Max or Bladebit?

I’m new here, sorry in advance if I ask stupid questions))
I will have HP DL380 Gen G9 4LFF 2x2697v3
512ram 2133
Ubuntu GUI (I’m a noob)
What can I count on? What will be the speed and which plotter should I choose?

Definitely Bladebit. Should be really fast with that system. I have a dual 2690 v2 and 512GB of 1866 DDR3 and I’m outputting close to 10TB/day. I think one plot is completed in 15.5 minutes or so. Mind you that OS can change greatly your plotting speed. For me, Debian plots in under 16 minutes while Ubuntu results in 22+ minute plots.

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Cool ! Debian has a version with graph. interface? It is a pity that I am a layman in the topic of Linux

What might you think the difference is in those distributions?

What do you mean graph? Graphics?

I’m not sure. I opened an issue on Bladebit GitHub to talk with the dev about it. He said this is a known issue. Just happens with different distros. I have no clue what the difference is!? I always thought that Ubuntu and Debian were extremely close cousins! Maybe it could be something to do with the compiler or libs used? Not really sure.

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It does have a full GUI. It can be setup as a headless server, or you could install Gnome or Xfce for a full desktop environment. One of the simpler distros to use to a certain degree.

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Has anybody ever tried Suse Linux?

thank you. That’s exactly what I meant… On Sunday I will start building a server, I hope I can do it

Ah you can do it man. Nothing to it. I’m here if you need any help. I check this forum pretty much daily and if I see a notification, I will usually reply immediately. I’m no coding genius, but I’m pretty proficient in Linux. 20 year Linux veteran here. I run it on all of my machines less my macs, but even those are based on the same thing that Linux is based on, so if you have any questions, just shoot em my way. I don’t mind helping.

Edit - Also, there is a wealth of knowledge on message boards like Stack Exchange and others that are similar. If I ever run into something I don’t know how to do, I just google it real quick like and I can generally figure it out. Just be careful. Might be worth it to spin up a VM to play around with it a bit if you’ve never used it before.

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Thank you very much … Now I will be calmer

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which version of debian and where can I download this?

also, what storage format do you use on debian btw?

I’m currently running 11. Just did a clean install upgrade from 10 to 11. I use all EXT4 on all of my machines. Nice mature, tested, fast filesystem!

bladebit for sure - anyone that has the 512GB+ of ram setup, BB will be faster. I have 2x Quad-CPU PowerEdge R820s that I plot on and tested both MadMax with ramdisks and BB and BB was faster (I don’t remember the exact amount, it’s like 17mins/plot vs 25mins/plot or something like that).

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Hey ! I would like to ask you if there is any good instruction for installing bladebit and the Chia client on Ubuntu for beginners … I will fly to another country for three days specifically for the installation and I do not want many problems with this

FYI, bladebit is added to the chia gui, so i would imagine you only really need to install that. Provided you don’t mind installing the gui to plot.

I know that… But the question is, will it work as fast as the command line version?

Test it. Only way to know for sure.

Did a install video on this a while back, but its the same steps for Debian as Ubuntu.

Most likely your plots will be coming off TOO FAST, so you will need to come up with a stagger write method to your long term storage from the temp storage. I recommend as many disks in a RAID0 as possible for your temp storage, then a plot moving script (there are many, just let us know what kinda setup)


Just what I needed, thanks. Do you think I can get less than 10 minutes on my system? I assumed it would be 13-15 minutes…then I don’t have to worry about fast file transfers
Have you tried using Bladebit through the Chia client? if the speed is the same, then as a beginner it will be easier for me to use the graphical interface