What will be the next price bottom?

The immersion continues.
We saw a price between $800 and $600 for few months.
The next one was between $300 and $200.

What will be the next bottom?
My prediction is…it will be between $80 and $20 for long time.

What is your prediction?

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let’s just hope that it stays here for a while.

$1 :stuck_out_tongue: doubtful

Give the CHIA team time to establish use cases etc and CHIA will or can florish , this isn’t a get rich short time investment, give it time


One cause of falling XCH exchange rates is that XCH isn’t supported by major crypto exchanges yet.

Give Binance a half million USD and it will be listed … easy pie, coinbase is similar … if founders ask… exchanges ask also a % of pre-minded coins/tokens etc …

Being forced to give 1 million $ or € to any company X in order to unlock any kind of feature Y, without having reasonable guarantees of getting something of an equivalent value in return, sounds like exploitation.

All that is true.

However, the timeline may be based on longevity of our hard drives. A lot of (smaller / normal) farmers purchased USB drives that have 2 years warranty, and such will not last much longer. Those drives were not meant to spin 24/7, so we may be pushing the envelope for those drives. We started to see reports that those HDs are failing after ~4 months of use (I checked SMART data on my Seagate drives and am not really happy with what is there). Let’s say that we will see those drives giving up in about year. I think people would have to make at that time hard decision what to do, if ROI just for those HDs will be longer than their lifespan.

I didn’t look it like that though all my HDDs filled with plots are hitachi ultrastars and I only use 3TB HDD’s , lifetime of those are like a 200y+ and point of faillure is way lower as I only use 3TB ones and not fancy big ones …

Granted easier to have eg a single 18TB filled with plots but that will increase the point of faillure, so if one 18TB dies for whatever reason it’s more harmful than a single 3TB (e.g. 6x3TB ones) … in comparision

Due to your reply, I checked the SMART data of all my drives and they are all in good health … so I can’t complain… yet (I used crystaldiskinfo 8.1 maybe not the best but it’s free)

I pay a 50 per 3TB Hitachi Ultrastar which I consider a good price aprox a 16.66/TB there are maybe cheaper sollutions but for me and my point of view this is acceptable as price tag.

Crystal Disk Info is as good as showing SMART as anything else. There is just one SMART table on those drives, so you are good. Although, I have seen software that tries to limit that table only to lines that they understand. For exactly that reason smartctl is potentially the best (again, not to take anything away from Crystal Disk Info).

At some point Hitachi potentially had the best drives. I used them a lot. However, once WD acquired them, they are not anymore the kings of the hills. However, I also use a lot of WD, especially Red Plus, and those run exactly like you described - forever. Also, their SMART lines are a bit easier to read (maybe for me, as I am used to those). So, as I wrote, my WD USB HDs also have very clean SMART values. That is my concern with those SG

I look at that, that all the data on those drives is not critical. If one drives goes down, it just needs to be replaced, and you face potentially some small downtime (e.g., getting a new drive). However, whether you purchase the same brand/model of 3TB or 18TB, they have the same Reliability / Data Integrity stats (e.g., MTBF). What it means that out of 10 drives, the same number will fail, whether you have 3TB or 18TB. That implies that your downtime will be exactly the same, as your 3TB ones will be failing 6x faster with respect to the same TB size (6x3 vs. 18).

That’s a steal. I didn’t realize they are so inexpensive! I will switch to those, the next time.

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Correct also, however I see a lot of people with mixed HDD’s so hence , but I trust my Hitachi’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshot - 2021-10-01T053528.578

Ok wholesale corp, and BTW is VAT translated, so if you can deduct VAT as expenese…, bulk discount from 10 …

And yea they are pretty cheap now, though only 64MB cache but lifetime heck forever … even WD who owns Hitachi still can’t cope with their fancy models compared to the older Hitachi Ultrastars

I would really not worry about it at all. The reason is that bigger drives have more data, thus need more cache, but percentage wise they are about equal. However, in case of chia, reads are really sparse, and all over the place, so that may not be a factor at all.