Whatever happened to 20tb hard drives?

In theory, 20tb hard drives exist, yes?

But where? I’ve only seen 18tb drives for sale. Well, back when you could buy hard drives… :rofl:

20TB upcoming article states

Right but that article is from almost a year ago – dated 07/16/2020.

Interesting… so this is EAMR!

Seagate’s HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) is one example of such new recording technology. HAMR uses a small laser to precisely heat the recording medium, temporarily reducing coercivity in an extremely small, well-defined area. The temporarily reduced coercivity allows smaller (and necessarily weaker) fields to alter that area without influencing surrounding, separately recorded areas.

Western Digital favored a similar technology — MAMR, or Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording. MAMR uses a microwave emitter to excite a tiny area of the drive in order to similarly reduce coercivity to the targeted area for just long enough to perform the write operation.

Although Western Digital is continuing its research into MAMR technology, the tech used in this month’s new drives—EAMR, or Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording—is considerably less exotic. Rather than alter the magnetic properties of the medium with microwave or laser emissions, EAMR simply stabilizes the write field more rapidly and accurately, by using a bias current on the main pole of the write head as well as the current on the voice coils.

And then there’s stuff about all the tradeoffs of shingled recording tech… interesting.

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Here’s Seagate plans for 18TB+


Wow – 30tb by 2023, and 40tb by 2025?!

I read an article a few weeks ago, Seagate apparently has already manufactured some 20TB HAMR drives and sent them to some folks to test them. I suspect they will be out for real this fall. The tech is kind of crazy!

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