What's a fair price to pay for Plotting as a Service (PaaS)? (poll)

What do you think is a fair price, assuming a reasonable delivery time frame of say 10TB?

  • less than $1 per plot
  • $1 per plot ~ $10 per TB
  • $2 per plot ~ $20 per TB
  • $3 per plot ~ $30 per TB
  • $4 per plot ~ $40 per TB
  • $5 per plot ~ $50 per TB
  • more than $5 per plot
  • I wouldn’t pay for plotting

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Very curious to know…



For a file you have to download, you mean, right? Not as delivered on a hard disk?

These numbers are…interesting. Whoever is voting for >$1 per plot… DM me, let’s talk business.

At $1/plot that’s ~$17k/yr for a basic 5950x plotter.

At $4 per plot, the ROI for a ~$2k 5950x rig would be ~10 days


yes, i think we can exclude the cost of providing an hdd as that would be priced at the hdd price or sent in by the user and posted back, so just looking to compare what people think the plotting is worth.

yes nice numbers… it is increasingly looking like PaaS might be a decent business model in the short term anyway… I don’t see the value of plots holding up if the net space continues this current growth for too long…

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To clarify, I think the numbers in the poll are greatly overestimating the value of plots. That being said, you’re probably right that there is good money to be made short term.

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You could be right, but these numbers are just taken from what i see many services charging. If pooling was active or you did the naughty thing and joined hpool… ymmv